What is Democratic Socialism Book Panel


DSA-LA Central Branch Presents “What is Democratic Socialism?” Book Panel Series. With the California Primary over, and Bernie Sanders winning California by 33.6%, we must ask ourselves, “What is democratic socialism anyway?” “Why should socialists participate in a socialist organization?” As a starting point, these two book panel presentations aim to provide basic foundations of the political tradition. Democratic Socialism has always been a contested tradition. Both new and old participants in this movement will find these authors worth listening to as we continue to grow and strengthen the Democratic Socialists of America organization.

On March 20, Paul Adler will present his book The 99 Percent Economy: How Democratic Socialism Can Overcome the Crises of Capitalism. 


Adler is Professor of Management and Organization, of Sociology, and of Environmental Studies at the University of Southern California. His research and teaching focus on organization strategy and design and business/government/society interactions. He holds the Marshall Business School's Harold Quinton Chair in Business Policy. He came to the USA in 1981, and before arriving at USC in 1991, he was affiliated with the Brookings Institution, Columbia University, Harvard Business School, and Stanford's School of Engineering.


On April 10, Peter Dreier and Francesca Fiorentini will present their book We Own the Future: Democratic Socialism—American Style. 


Dreier has been involved in urban policy as a scholar, government official, reporter, and advocate for 30 years. He writes widely on American politics and public policy, specializing in urban politics and policy, housing policy, community development, and community organizing. Fiorentini is a correspondent, comedian, and internet celebrity. She has the host and head writer of the webseries Newsbroke on AJ+, the digital outlet of Al Jazeera Media Network. She is also the host of “Red White and Who?” on MSNBC. Francesca is a regular guest on The Young Turks. She authored a piece in this book titled: “What about a well-fed Artist? Imagining Cultural Work in a Democratic Socialist Society”