Time Equally Reserved For Debate


Article VI. Local Decision-Making

Section 2. Roles and Responsibilities of the Committees, Working Groups, Resource Committees, and the Steering Committee

After submission of the analysis, the Steering Committee will assess the analysis to determine whether or not the proposal is aligned with the Local Mission and Organizational Priorities within 2 weeks. If they determine that it is (by a simple majority), the proposal will be put to a Local-wide vote, and further guided through the decision-making process—which may include addition to Local platforms or Local Subgroup formation as appropriate—as outlined in the Appendix. If the Steering Committee decides that the proposal does not align with the Local Mission and Organizational Priorities, they shall decline to put it to a Local-wide vote in its current form. The Steering Committee may also recommend revisions, and then put the revised, re-submitted proposal and analysis to a Local-wide vote. During such a votes, a simple majority with a quorum of ten percent of Local members is required. Any such Steering Committee decisions may be overridden as in Article VI, Section 3. For any proposal that would be up for a Local-wide vote, any time for the proposal at a Local General Meeting must have time equally reserved for debate for and against the proposal.


This aligns with the following organizational principles:

  • Maintain transparent decision-making processes which allows all members to democratically shape and engage in chapter decisions, avoiding top-heavy hierarchies and “gatekeeping”.
  • Cultivate a culture of openness, respect, and camaraderie by aiming to meet people where they are and assume good intentions, recognizing that everyone comes to organizing from different perspectives and experiences.

It is important for a democratic system that when an argument for a proposal is presented at a general Local meeting, the argument against the proposal should be able to take up the equivalent amount of time so that the membership may make an informed decision.