Sorry, Bernie

Position: Opposed  
Statement by: Terry Barker

Like all revolutionary leaders Bernie will be replaced by a progressive who will stay focused on a program of about 4 main ideas that can be explained to different communities by focusing on how the 4 main ideas will affect them. She/he will have to stay focused and let surrogates battle the Republican nominee. Every question about DJT attacking our nominee or in rebuttal of his positions MUST! answered completely and succinctly and rotate back to our 4 main points. Each community will have special problems and staff will have to do local research so that the candidate or the surrogates can tailor answers that REALLY address these local problems.
The 4 main ideas I propose are: combating climate change(how DJT's EPA and Energy Dept. are making it worse.); Tax reform; Outlaw gerrymandering & voter suppression; Tax reform; medicare for all( NOTE-Someone needs to research ALL of the costs and savings and be prepared to counter DJT's attacks with well schooled surrogates.)
It is my opinion that Bernie will try to sell more programs than a president can accomplish in 2 terms. The four above will be hard enough. Just 'cause we elect our candidate for president does NOT mean we can promise our citizens the moon, then disappoint them. Trying to do too much means nothing will get finished. We need to leave the next President a foundation to build on.
Bernie will not modulate his stump speech and doesn't like to be questioned on how we are going to pay for his agenda. That is the MOST important part of this campaign. How are we going to pay for it all, making no mistakes in the arithmetic, and making sure we can explain it to the electorate clearly and have counter arguments to the sling and arrows DJT will throw at us.
I do not support any candidate for President at this time. I believe we must keep our powder dry.There will be time to endorse a candidate, one who will beat DJT and support progressive programs.