Technology Internal Committee Platform

Technology is a ubiquitous part of modern life, and an increasingly critical component to understanding our cultures, economy, and politics. While technology can be used to imagine and create a liberatory world, the immense power of capital has built a technological ecosystem in its own exploitative image. Furthermore, instead of freeing us, technology is increasingly used by state and corporate actors to surveil and oppress.


With that in mind, the members of the DSA-LA Tech Resource Group first aim to provide the best possible technological tools to the chapter at large. This includes establishing and promoting best practices for security and privacy, as well as researching, maintaining, and providing tech solutions for the chapter's day-to-day organizational needs. In the process, we will seek to make the technology we use as accessible as possible to our members through tutorials, language translation, and other means.


However, we do not believe that it is enough to merely act as the chapter’s IT department. We also aim to provide a comprehensive critique of the tech industry at large and work toward solutions based on the substance of that critique. This includes an examination of the relationship between capital and technology, the flurry of labor issues facing workers in the tech industry, and the industry's neglect of people from marginalized backgrounds.


Technology has the potential to radically alter and enliven our world. Today, however, powerful capitalists exploit technology’s power to amass fortunes while workers face an increasingly austere existence. The goal of the DSA-LA Tech Resource Group is to fight against this injustice and ensure that technology is used to benefit the many, and not the few.



Political Positions


The DSA-LA Tech Resource Group will channel our skills and knowledge as individuals working in or adjacent to the tech industry to imagine and strive toward a liberatory, socialist technological future. We will challenge prevailing capitalist narratives on political and socioeconomic issues that intersect with technology while combating the demographic bias within the tech industry to build an inclusive movement. 

We hold that criticism of the technology industry is not simply Neo-Luddism or naivete. As both socialists and technologists, we will dispel such myths and support other groups taking concrete actions to build a socialist future.





The DSA-LA Tech Working Resource Group aims to provide technological resources for group leaders as well as rank-and-file members. Among these resources are the following: 


  • Information security & related training


  • DSA-LA website management


  • Best practices for member data management


  • Expertise in suggesting & setting up technical tools for organizing projects





  • Provide technical support to DSA-LA leaders and rank-and-file members


  • Provide a socialist perspective on political issues relating to technology to inform groups that organize and take direct action


  • Adopt secure, encrypted, and accessible communication & data-management platforms for DSA members


  • Collaborate with other chapters, particularly in areas with established tech industries, and the National DSA Tech Committee in developing resources to share with all chapters, large and small