Join AfroSocialists, Racial Justice Committee and Sanctuary City at Taste of Soul

On October 21st, over a quarter million members of Southern California's African American and diverse community will converge on Crenshaw Blvd for Taste of Soul, one of the biggest street fairs in the country. DSA's Afrosocialist Caucus, DSA-LA's Racial Justice Caucus and the Sanctuary City Working Group invite you to help us infuse social action into this event rife with corporate ads and sponsors. We're looking forward to showing up full force and presenting democratic socialism to a group of people underrepresented in DSA.

To ensure our message is communicated most effectively, we're raising funds to acquire a dedicated space for us and our partners. Please contribute whatever you can to our campaign. Whether money, social media shares or encouragement, anything helps.

It's imperative that our vision for a radically just society reaches the eyes and ears of as many as possible. The public yearns for a positive and coherent political ideology that will deliver substantive improvement to their lives. Let's give the people what they want.