Strategic Research Committee Platform

Mission Statement:

As our local has grown and continues to, many people of varying backgrounds and interests have taken up the task of Doing Research for their working group, caucus, committee, and/or campaigns that they are working with. This research has been absolutely vital to our success so far, and will grow in importance as we take on bigger and bolder campaigns as DSA Los Angeles, and in partnership with other organizations.


In that light the need for people who are researchers or want to be researchers to coordinate with each other for support, ideas, and best practices, a working group structure is key. To that end, this working group is formed with the intent of providing information, assessments, and strategic planning to any DSA committee, campaign, or working group; and to other efforts as members may decide.


We are members who believe in order to look to our horizon and build socialism, this local will need as many comrades as possible collectively learning, analyzing, and organizing information of many types. They will be bringing to light the complicated webs of information which undergird the systems, organizations, policies, programs, or other targets we may campaign for or against. We as organizers and researchers want to uplift the work of all our comrades by supporting and bolstering our collective knowledge and planning capabilities.



  • Create a system by which each committee and working group has a liaison/point of contact with the Research Working Group

  • Collect, maintain, and be able to disseminate information, (including already-existing & newly-created work-product from campaigns) for labor-saving and sharing across the chapter.

  • Develop and hold at least 3 trainings on general and specific methods/subjects/areas of focus internally for members of the Research Working Group, and externally for the members of the chapter w/in the next 4 months.

  • Establish means of effective remote communication to allow researchers easy collaboration with each other.

  • As the Working Group develops, share resources with other DSA chapters as feasible

  • Smash Capitalism, like, yesterday y’all!