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Re: Ashlee Marie Preston's Candidacy

I endorse Steve Dunwoody. Ashlee Marie Preston is no longer running. Continue reading

Support for the Endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for AD-54

The election of Steve Dunwoody in AD 54 would advance a number of our chapter campaigns which will be settled on the CA legislature floor. Continue reading

We Support Endorsing Dunwoody But DSA Must Change Its Approach Towards Other Candidates of Color

DSA's goals should be about both electing Steve Dunwoody and strengthening relationships in the African American and Latinx communities. Continue reading

Why DSA-LA Should Endorse Steve Dunwoody, From an AD-54 Resident

Steve Dunwoody is a fantastic candidate that would give DSA-LA a voice at the state level, and his campaign provides the chapter an opportunity to engage members locally. Continue reading

Supporting Steve Dunwoody

With the VA in the 54th assembly, I think it's even more important to have a veteran representative. Continue reading

I Oppose the Endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for Assembly by DSA LA

I oppose the endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for Assembly by DSA LA because: 1) he is not a member of DSA, 2) he is not a democratic socialist, 3) he is not running as a democratic socialist 4) while Dunwoody appears to be a good progressive, his campaign would do nothing to advance the development of an independent mass party of left opposition and 5) an endorsement of the Dunwoody campaign by DSA LA would take valuable resources away from other projects. Continue reading

Submit a Statement For or Against Endorsing Steve Dunwoody

Here's where you can submit your statement for or against the Electoral Politics committee's proposal to endorse Steve Dunwoody for State Assembly in District 54. Continue reading

Steve Dunwoody Endorsement Timeline

Voting starts on February 9 and ends on February 14. Continue reading