Socialist Day School

On Veterans’ Day weekend (November 10-11), DSA-LA’s Political Education Committee will be hosting the first Socialist Day School event in Los Angeles. More than just a series of lectures and panels, the purpose of this forum is to encourage thoughtful discussion and debate whilst expanding our organization’s collective understanding of socialist concepts, histories, and strategies. By providing members and non-members alike with an opportunity to learn about socialist analyses of power, as well as the meaning and history of Democratic Socialism in the context of American history, we aim to broaden and deepen the conceptualizations among socially conscious individuals of what is not only fathomable but also achievable in the current political framework.  

Throughout the course of the weekend, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from venerated activists, academics, and compatriots about potential strategies for empowerment as we further identify and contextualize the sociopolitical problems at hand. The current cultural landscape, replete with its many institutions of digitized socialization, can make it easy to forget that we do not all lead our own solipsistic lives. As socialists, part of what we strive to do is diminish this sense of isolation. In exploring our values in a physically communal setting, we can contribute to this objective in both theory and praxis. We hope you will join us for a wild Friday night, informative morning reflection, and delicious lunch pow-wow. 


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