How to Vote for Skid Row Neighborhood Council

There is an incredibly important vote taking place both online and in-person regarding the creation of a Skid Row Neighborhood Council. Although DSA-LA as a chapter has not formally endorsed one side on this vote, our Housing & Homelessness committee has been working with various organizations involved in Skid Row. This means our chapter members are considered stakeholders and so are eligible to vote. If you want to vote online, you have until Sunday April 2 to register; if you want to vote in person, there is an election on April 6, as well as various pop-up polls happening before then. We want to make sure that all members are aware that they can vote in this election, and to provide some background information on why our Housing & Homelessness Committee feels that this is an important issue that deserves your consideration!

Statement from the Housing & Homelessness committee: “Currently, people who live on Skid Row are represented by the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council. This NC tends to be dominated by the forces that are most powerful in DTLA: business owners, proponents of gentrification, etc. The residents of Skid Row have proposed the creation of a distinct neighborhood council because the issues that affect Skid Row are so drastically different from the rest of DTLA. If created, this would give Skid Row a direct line of communication to the City Council, arguably the most powerful force in our city. Our committee has worked to bring about this result because we believe strongly in any measure that will give voice to the homeless and the disenfranchised.”

Here is a video made by members of Agitprop and Housing & Homelessness featuring General Jeff, who has been a central figure in the push to create a Skid Row Neighborhood Council:


Ready to vote? In order to vote online or in person, you will need:

1) A photo ID (or a picture of your photo ID)

2) A screenshot or a printout of the email we sent you documenting that you are a DSA-LA member in good standing.

3) The following address that DSA-LA has used for meetings: 801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Once you have all that, go to:


In-person voting instructions:

If you want to vote in person, the website lists pop-up polls that will be happening prior to April 6, as well as info regarding the vote in Skid Row on April 6.


Online voting instructions:

Although online voting may be a bit faster and easier than voting in person, unfortunately there are a fair number of steps and the website is a little bit wonky, so get ready! Go to and click on “Register Here,” then “Register Now,” then enter your name to see if you are already registered with Empower LA. Most will not be registered yet, and so then will click “EmpowerLA Sub-Division Election Voter Registration.”

You will then be able to enter your name, address, phone number, etc. Under “Voter Qualification,” all DSA-LA members can select “I am a community interest stakeholder etc.” 

Under “Name of Organization,” enter “Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles” and under “Organization Address,” enter “801 E 4th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90013”

For “Photo ID” upload an image (in any common format) of your photo ID (license, passport, student ID, etc.). Under “Additional Document” upload the screenshot that you took of the email that we sent you (screenshot must include your name). Certify and sign, and once your submission is verified by Empower LA staff you will be sent an email with login and PIN information to vote.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with Chris Jetton from the Housing and Homelessness committee, at