A climate candidate for Los Angeles

Statement in support of endorsement by Sharon Markenson

Dr. Loraine Lundquist is my friend and colleague in the Citizens' Climate Lobby. I always admired that she took the time to be at all of our meetings and events even though she had two children and a challenging job teaching sustainability at California State University at Northridge. Then she fostered an infant. Then she adopted the child! Then she became an activist in the fight to shut down the gas storage in Porter Ranch after the leak.

She actually gave up even more challenging work as an astrophysicist when she realized how dire the climate situation is, and she needed to put her effort into educating people to mitigate it. Loraine doesn't just talk--she does the work.

She lives in Northridge where two of her children are in public school. She is concerned about the homeless situation in the Valley. She wants citizens to have the public services they need and deserve. She wants to serve the people where she lives, and she wants Los Angeles to be a leader in the fight against climate change because her children's lives are at stake.