Setting Chapter Resolutions at the Annual Convention

Result: PASSED

Article IV. Local Meetings, Section 1. Annual Convention

The Local will hold an Annual Convention each year. The Annual Convention is the highest legislative body of the Local. The Annual Convention votes on proposed bylaws amendments, as well as modifications to the Local Mission Statement and Organizational Priorities, and Chapter Resolutions. Requirements for amending the bylaws are outlined in Article XIV, requirements for modifying the Local Mission Statement and Organization Priorities are outlined in Article VI. Section 1, and requirements for Chapter Resolutions are outlined in this Article.  

Chapter Resolutions are time-bound, large-scale structural and/or campaign-based initiatives that require major Local resources. Chapter Resolutions must adhere to these Bylaws and shall be undertaken over the course of the year following their adoption by the Annual Convention. Chapter Resolutions can be proposed for consideration by submitting a formal proposal to the Steering Committee at least two (2) months in advance of the Annual Convention. The Steering Committee will make these proposals available for members to review at least one (1) month in advance of the Annual Convention and provide time on the Annual Convention agenda to discuss and vote on proposed Chapter Resolutions.

A proposed Chapter Resolution must receive a two-thirds supermajority of votes at the Annual Convention in order to be adopted. Up to three (3) Chapter Resolutions will be adopted at the Annual Convention. Fewer Chapter Resolutions may be adopted, but in the occasion that more than 3 proposed Chapter Resolutions receive a two-thirds supermajority vote, there will be a second round of runoff voting to determine the top three Chapter Resolutions. In the event of a runoff vote, each member will vote for up to three of the Chapter Resolutions which have been approved by a two-thirds supermajority—the three Chapter Resolutions which receive the most votes will then be adopted.  

The quorum for votes taken at the Annual Convention shall be 20% of the Local membership. Remote votes and proxy votes shall be facilitated and counted as possible. A financial report will also be presented to the membership at the Annual Convention.

ARTICLE IX. Steering Committee

Section 2. Duties

The Steering Committee's duties shall include:

(a) Facilitating and planning meetings of the Local at least six times annually, including the Annual Convention

(b) Accepting proposals and facilitating votes for updates to the Local Mission Statement, Organizational Priorities, Chapter Resolutions, and Bylaws. [...]