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Religious Socialism Committee (RELISOC)

Mission Statement / Principles:

If socialism seeks to be a national movement, it will have to rely on communities of faith who already inform the perspective of so many of us.

The aim of the Religious Socialism Committee (RELISOC) is to foster democratic socialism along existing faith networks by connecting religious leaders and communities with organizers and activists by doing good works in the company of those of differing faith with unifying purpose.

The committee also seeks to meet the spiritual needs of our comrades of faith and ultimately reflect the metaphysical makeup of our chapter and our broader communities.

The struggle is real, but through faith and solidarity all good works are possible. A better world - one more joyous, more equitable, and more just - is possible.

"Moreover, considering your righteousness, you should not falter; indeed for upholders of justice there does not exist a more appropriate endeavor than a battle for righteousness." -The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 Verse 31.



  • In 3 months...Build up the methods that allow DSA members fully participate with our committee, understanding the negative role religion may have had under capitalism. 

  • In 6 months, to have at least 12 members of RELISOC be embedded in and coordinating with existing faith-based organizations.

  • In 1 year, to reach out to 12 different faith-based organizations and perform (at least) 1 action of community service with them.

  • In 2 years, to recruit at least 50 members from 12 different faith-based organizations and get them to attend at least 2 DSA-LA local or chapter meetings.

  • Within 3 years, to inspire a religious groundworks movement along the lines of Moral Mondays in North Carolina with the ultimate goal of putting considerable pressure on lawmakers within the state of California to adopt policies more favorable to democratic socialism, simultaneously nullify the more reactionary elements of faith-based organizing.


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