Reflections On Our Comedy Fundraiser


To everyone who came out to our fundraiser last Sunday, to the comedians who donated their talent to our cause, and to everyone who has donated to our convention fundraising so far, thank you!

Not only did we sell out, but we were able to find room for everyone on the stand-by list to enjoy the show and (drum roll please) we raised over $1,800 from cash donations alone! We’ll release a formal financial report after our upcoming Iron Triangle fundraiser on July 28th, but we wanted to let you know that all the tweeting, facebook posting, bugging your friends to come out, and surprising unsuspecting internet dates with a night out with the socialists, has been incredibly successful.


As your Steering Committee, nothing would make us happier than being able to help our delegates get the financial aid they need to represent us in Chicago at the National Convention,  and have much needed-funds to support our chapter as a whole. We are very optimistic that we’ll be able to completely fulfill our delegates’ financial needs to attend the Convention!


We also want to take a moment to thank NerdMelt and their fantastic staff who went above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone was so friendly, and funny, and accommodating, and made the night run smoothly.


And last but not least, all of the comedians deserve a major shout-out! Moshe, Gareth, Brandie, Sara, Drennon, Andrea, and Nicole--thank you for making us laugh! You all provided a much-needed and appreciated respite from the bitterness of living under capitalism. Organizing can sometimes be equal parts inspiring and exhausting; having events where we can bond as comrades is a necessary complement to ongoing meetings and committee work. We were thrilled that our first fundraiser was such a blast and can’t wait to see you all again on the 28th for some brews and tunes!


In Solidarity,


Your Steering Committee