DSA-LA & SAlt Protest Trumpcare - We Need Medicare for All!


Co-Hosted by our comrades Socialist Alternative - Southern California & Socialist Students UCLA

Trumpcare just passed in the house and it is a significant threat to millions of Americans. This bill will remove access to healthcare for millions, and by functionally removing coverage for pre-existing conditions (which would include C-sections and rape), it is a death sentence for thousands. 

This bill also will set the stage for the 100’s of billions Trump is set to hand to the rich with his corporate tax cut. This bill does nothing but drastically increase inequality in the US at our expense and for the benefit of Trump’s billionaire friends. 

Meanwhile, a majority of Americans support single-payer healthcare. Make no mistake, we COULD win single-payer with a sustained mass movement on the ground. The women’s march set the tone for Trump’s presidency, making it clear that any vicious attack would face real resistance on the ground. The airport occupations prevented Trump from enacting his “Muslim ban”. We need a mass movement of working people to demand:

* NO to Trumpcare! We need single-payer! Pass SB 562, and TAX THE RICH to pay for it!
* NO to Trump’s corporate tax cuts, no more hand-outs to billionaires!
* NO to ICE raids and scapegoating of immigrants!
* Defend and extend access to reproductive healthcare!
* Fund jobs and education, not border walls and military interventions!

Will you come?