Protest Police Checkpoints on St. Patrick's Day!

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The Coalition for Police Accountability of Los Angeles (CPA-LA) calls for direct action to DISRUPT Los Angeles Police and County Sheriff’s checkpoints on St. Patrick’s Day. Checkpoints are emblematic of the “quality of life” policing, sometimes called “broken windows”, which disproportionately impacts low-income communities of color. These checkpoints are feeders to the criminal legal and deportation machines.

Empowered and emboldened by the Trump administration, a stop at a police checkpoint can lead to a detention or deportation. The expansion of “deportable offenses” has been broadened in the new regime strategy of criminalization and deportation. CPA-LA will coordinate an action to disrupt any planned police checkpoint on Friday March 17th – prioritizing those in Black or Brown neighborhoods. It’s important that working people take care of each other and show that real safety exists in community power and mutual aid.

JOIN US! Bring signs that say – “CHECKPOINT AHEAD” or “RETEN”, so we can warn drivers that there is a police checkpoint ahead. Please follow us on Facebook for more information:

You can also contact Chavo at 213-915-8242 or Yuisa at

Will you come?