Proposed Resolutions

Prioritize the ‘Repeal Costa Hawkins’ Campaign

Proposed by: Refoundation Caucus and members of the Housing & Homelessness Committee Summary: The adoption of a chapter-wide focus on Costa-Hawkins Repeal in the short term, and the prioritization of tenant organizing, rent control, and “housing justice” generally, in order to focus DSA-LA’s internal organization, political education, and overall orientation on a critical arena of the class struggle for the foreseeable future for the purpose of building working class power and socialist capacity in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Rapid Response Network Resolution

Proposed by: Members of the Immigration Justice Committee & Housing & Homelessness Committee Summary: Creation of a network of responders and dispatchers to answer and deploy during different emergency situations, such as encampment sweeps, ICE raids, law enforcement presence, eviction proceedings, etc. Continue reading

Putting the “Organizer” in “Socialist Organizer”

Proposed by: DSA-LA Steering Committee Summary: The establishment of a chapter-wide organizer training program available to rank and file members to build internal capacity as well as develop an organizing-specific culture. Continue reading

Building DSA-LA Across All Los Angeles County

Proposed by: DSA-LA Steering Committee Summary: To ensure that geographic branches are built in DSA-LA through a democratic, flexible, and iterative process. Continue reading