Night School: Surplus Value & Exploitation

Organized by DSA-LA’s Political Education Committee, Night Schools are an ongoing space to collectively deepen our understanding of socialist concepts, history, and practice in the context of our political work. We welcome new and long-time members alike; each session features a brief, informal presentation followed by facilitated discussion designed to engage all levels and connect theory to ongoing DSA campaigns. 

Over the course of the last year, a few politicians vying for the Democratic nomination  have (surprisingly) shared their own theories of value; Marianne Williamson stated that “value derives from self-actualization” and Elizabeth Warren asserts “markets create additional value.” As socialists, we know that labor creates all value, and as workers, we survive by selling our labor to the capitalist class. This session is designed to deepen our understanding of this exchange between capital and labor — the exchange upon which capitalistic production, or the wage system, is founded. 

While not required, comrades are encouraged to engage with recommended readings in advance; pages 29-65 in the Class on Class Reader. 

Will you come?