Night School: Class Struggle & Political Struggle

Organized by DSA-LA’s Political Education Committee, Night Schools are an ongoing space to collectively deepen our understanding of socialist concepts, history, and practice in the context of our political work. We welcome new and long-time members alike; each session features a brief, informal presentation followed by facilitated discussion designed to engage all levels. 

How do we free ourselves from exploitation in an era of global capitalist hegemony? How can and should the working class build and wield power? This session focuses on the different tools at our disposal: the union, the strike, and the political party—with an emphasis on their respective strengths and weaknesses, alongside consideration of current DSA-LA campaigns for Bernie and a Green New Deal, against the 2020 Olympics, and more. 

While not required, comrades are encouraged to engage with recommended readings in advance; pages 66-136 in the Class on Class Reader. 

Will you come?