Night School: Beyond Roe v Wade—The Socialist Feminist Case for Bernie Sanders

*Note that this event has been rescheduled for February 20th*


New and long-time comrades are invited to join a Night School series that engages with Bernie Sanders’s insurgent candidacy within the broader history of socialist strategies and perspectives on electoral politics. Each session features a brief, informal presentation followed by facilitated discussion designed to engage all levels and connect current events to foundational socialist concepts and debates. Comrades are encouraged (but not required) to review recommended readings linked below, aligned with the session topic detailed here. 

This session will review a brief history of abortion politics, from Roe v. Wade to present. Studying subsequent laws, Supreme Court decisions, and strategies deployed by feminist movements will be a lens through which to understand the failure of liberal electoralism and over-reliance on the judiciary. We’ll ask crucial questions such as: 

—Why did the left cleave ‘abortion rights’ from the broader push for decommodified healthcare? 

—What implications did the Roe v. Wade decision (and subsequent Supreme Court decisions) have for the abortion rights movement? 

—How should a socialist feminist approach to abortion rights differ from a liberal approach? 

—Why should socialist feminists prioritize Bernie’s policies like  Medicare for All, The Green New Deal, and Housing for All?

Recommended readings:

Roe v. Wade (Excerpt from the Majority Opinion), (United States Supreme Court, 1973)

Article on 47th Anniversary of Roe,  by Kate Smith (CBS News, 2020) (where we learn the Prez of Planned Parenthood is at Davos and interestingly links abortion access to the '4th industrial revolution' )

No More Compromise on Abortion, An interview with Jenny Brown (Jacobin, 2019)

Capitalism's Crisis of Care, Sarah Leonard & Nancy Fraser (Dissent, 2016)

  • February 20, 2020 at 7pm to 9pm
  • UTLA
    3303 Wilshire Blvd
    Room 830
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    United States
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  • Political Education Committee

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