News & Updates

Socialist Day School

On Veterans’ Day weekend (November 10-11), DSA-LA’s Political Education Committee will be hosting the first Socialist Day School event in Los Angeles. More than just a series of lectures and panels, the purpose of this forum is to encourage thoughtful discussion and debate whilst expanding our organization’s collective understanding of socialist concepts, histories, and strategies. By providing members and non-members alike with an opportunity to learn about socialist analyses of power, as well as the meaning and history of Democratic Socialism in the context of American history, we aim to broaden and deepen the conceptualizations among socially conscious individuals of what is not only fathomable but also achievable in the current political framework.   Continue reading

Steering Committee Nominations!

This month, DSA Los Angeles will be holding elections for the next Steering Committee term, which begins at the end of the month. Nominations are officially open today. If you're interested in running for any Steering Committee positions, or for the YDSA Coordinator position (full details about DSA-LA leadership positions in this blogpost), please fill out the below forms, which are managed by your elected Nominations Committee: Continue reading

Statement on Costa Hawkins Repeal

While socialism recognizes that the right to housing is universal and guaranteed regardless of economic conditions, under capitalism shelter is a commodity used to maximize profit at the expense of human need.  The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act prioritizes the profits of landlords, developers, and the financial institutions that lend to them above California residents and their basic right to shelter. As one part of the larger struggle for housing justice, Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles (DSA-LA) supports efforts to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, by Assembly Bill 1506 (Bloom), a statewide popular ballot measure, or otherwise.  Continue reading

Response To Rendon’s Movement of SB562 to a Select Committee

The Speaker of the State Assembly has called for a select committee to determine the future of SB 562, The Healthy California Act, which was developed and introduced to institute a single payer system for California in order to insure all California residents receive equitable health coverage and care. The Speaker has said, “It’s not a question of debating whether we move towards health care for all--it’s a matter of choosing how best and how soon.” Like the California Nurse’s Association, we are concerned that the Speaker is using this as an opportunity to avoid the advancement of SB562 while appearing to advocate universal healthcare. Unless this committee will allow for an open discussion and development of a single payer option without co-pays, this is a step backwards. Continue reading

DSA-LA Street Watch

As capitalism continues to force working class people to live in the streets, Street Watch will stand with our working class and unhoused community members in the fight to end criminalization, increase public control of resources, and accelerate a socialist movement for housing as a human right. Continue reading

Local Officer Elections & Call for Nominations Committee

The interim Steering Committee’s six-month term will be coming to an end at the end of November.   This post serves to call for applications for the Nominations Committee (the body responsible for overseeing and facilitating the chapter’s upcoming Local Officer election (Art. VII, Sec. 1)), outlines the Local Officer roles that need to be filled, and details the timeline for the Local Officer election overall.   Continue reading

Committee & Working Group Platforms Have Been Ratified!

Over the last few weeks the Committee and Working Groups have been working tirelessly to draft platforms that not only have overwhelming support amongst their Committee and Working Group members, but the chapter as well! It is with immense joy that we announce that all the Committee and Working Group platforms have been ratified by the chapter with at least 91.9% approval from voters.  Continue reading

Healthcare Committee Platform

Join the Healthcare Committee! Mission Statement: The DSA-LA Healthcare Committee seeks to achieve a socialist health care system, clear from profit motives, as a human/moral right for all. In the immediate future, our committee advocates for a single-payer distribution system covering all residents of California, funded through progressive taxation for all medically necessary services, including: doctor, hospital, emergency room, vision, dental, mental health, long and short-term care, reproductive care and any other indispensable health requirement. Medical supply and prescription drug costs would be better controlled and available to anyone in need. Patients would gain choice of provider and facility while medical practitioners would establish autonomy over care for patients. We seek to focus on attaining this systemic goal at both the local and federal levels. Continue reading

Immigration Justice Committee Platform

Join the Immigration Justice Committee!   The Immigration Justice Committee Platform   Analysis  As socialists, we stand in solidarity with all immigrants and refugees in the struggle against capitalist exploitation. Borders are inherently violent: they define strict and artificial rules for the occupation and mobility of people, who are often displaced by various economic, social, and environmental pressures, including war and other forms of violence. The reality is that many come to the United States as refugees or economic migrants because capitalism and U.S. imperialism create and sustain cycles of poverty, ecological collapse, and violence. Continue reading

Anti-Oppression Committee Platform

Join the Anti-Oppression Committee! Committee Platform The DSA-LA Anti-Oppression Committee is primarily an internal resource committee working to make our chapter and all work carried forth by DSA-LA  just, representative, and liberatory.   Continue reading