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No More Vacancy: Statement From the Housing & Homelessness Committee

Housing insecurity has long been a political crisis: a site of struggle between the rich and poor, and a mechanism for the former to grow their wealth at the expense of the latter. Housing is a basic necessity and a major influence on general human health and wellbeing, yet housing today also drives our broken economy. Real estate assets amount to a staggering $217 trillion, more than 60% of global wealth, while no less than 150 million people live without shelter worldwide. Now, more than ever, homes are a key part of the commodified economy. Housing is used as an investment device — often left empty to accumulate more capital off the speculative market.  Continue reading

Proposed Amendments and Statements in Favor and Against the Bernie 2020 Working Group Proposal

Below are member submitted amendments and statements in favor and against the recently submitted, Bernie 2020 Working Group Proposal. The final proposal, incorporating any accepted amendments, will be emailed to membership with a ballot on Friday, July 26th. This page will be updated daily between now and midnight, the night of Friday, August 2nd, when voting closes. Results will be announced Saturday, August 3rd. Continue reading

Proposal for Endorsement of Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Presidential Primary and Formation of DSA-LA for Bernie 2020 Campaign Working Group

Over 25 members in good standing of DSA-LA have submitted the following proposal to form a new working group to support Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential primary campaign to DSA-LA’s Steering Committee by way of regular processes. The DSA-LA Steering Committee have reviewed the proposal and concluded that because it requires a significant amount of chapter resources, and its topic is of special interest to many of our members, it should be shared with membership for a chapter wide review and vote. Please find this link HERE, at the bottom of this message, and in a separate email, to a submission form, so that folks can offer amendments and / or comments for or against this proposal. Please find this link HERE with suggested amendments as well as statements in favor and opposed to this proposal. This page will be updated at least once daily until voting closes midnight, the night of Friday, August 2nd. The authors of the proposal will have time at our next chapter meeting, this Saturday, July 20th, to present it to membership, who will in turn have the opportunity to suggest amendments or voice opinions for and against the proposal at those chapter meetings, on our shared Slack message board, or via the link I shared earlier, to post a comment or suggested amendment to this page. We’ll accept suggested amendments and comments via the meetings and the form mentioned above for one week, until midnight, Thursday, July 25th. The authors will conclude a final proposal, it will be emailed to membership for a vote on Friday, July 26th, and voting will remain open for one week, until midnight of Friday, August 2nd. Results will then be emailed to membership on Saturday, August 3rd. Proposal Summary: By forming a proper working group that is dedicated to securing Bernie Sanders’ victory in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary and general election, DSA Los Angeles can engage with prospective new members, advance chapter building around issues on which we are in accord with the Sanders platform,  reshape the chapter to better reflect the ethnic composition of the city by targeted organizing in non-white areas (where, also, the campaign is in need of outreach) and significantly augment the infrastructure of an L.A. left through coalition building with issue organizations and intensive canvassing in selected neighborhoods for Bernie and, in some areas, down-ballot candidates or referenda/initiatives.  Continue reading

DSA-LA Public Comment on HUD Proposed Rule to Prohibit Undocumented Immigrants from Housing Assistance

Today is the last day to submit a public comment against the Trump administration's latest attack on immigrants — and tenants of public housing. This new proposed rule would would eliminate housing assistance for low-income families that include both documented and undocumented immigrants, forcing more than 100,000 people to make the impossible choice between splitting up their families or falling into housing insecurity and potential homelessness. The Housing & Homelessness Committee and Immigration Justice Committee have submitted the following public comment on behalf of DSA-LA. Continue reading

DSA-LA Conflict Resolution Team: Job Descriptions and Call for Applications

Within our organization, we’re deeply committed to building and maintaining structures that support our members and ensure our spaces do not reproduce the systems of oppression we collectively seek to dismantle. Over the next two months, the Steering Committee will be working to recruit, interview, and train a Conflict Resolution Team. Once in place, the Conflict Resolution Team will play a critical role in providing members ongoing access to: Continue reading

Branch Coordinator Applications Are Open

The 2018 DSA-LA Annual Convention passed the “Building DSA-LA Across All Los Angeles County” chapter resolution, formally establishing “branches” as a new entity within the chapter. Since then, our chapter has established the Central, Westside, and San Fernando Valley Branches to advance our collective goal of building an independent, socialist political bloc that represents the full diversity of LA County. Continue reading

Immigration Justice - Resources

In response to the Trump administration's racist and xenophobic threat of ICE Raids targeting 2,000 families in US Cities, DSA-LA's Immigration Justice Committee has compiled a list of community resources from organizations we trust and respect along with literature for political education.  This is an ever expanding list and we encourage you to reach out to us for contributions.  The Immigration Justice Committee fights to organize and support the self-organization of immigrant communities as a central struggle in the larger fight against capitalism. Immigration Justice Email: immigrationjustice(at) Join the Immigration Justice Committee Continue reading

DSA-LA Endorses Loraine Lundquist for City Council

Loraine Lundquist has supported DSA-LA’s work and now we’ve voted to support her in the election for City Council District 12! The primary is on June 4, 2019. Continue reading

Steering Committee Elections

This May, DSA Los Angeles will be holding elections for the next Steering Committee, and Nominations will officially open on Thursday, May 2. Continue reading

March for Justice: Standing in Solidarity with the Armenian Community

The Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles Chapter joins the Armenian community in its continued fight for a just resolution and against denial of the Armenian Genocide. DSA-LA recognizes and commemorates the one and a half million Armenians who were killed between 1915 and 1923. Continue reading