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Supporting Our Teachers IS Supporting Public Education

Public education is the only hope for our children to come out of 12 years of schooling with an understanding of equality, democracy and the proficiency and confidence they’ll need to face a future that is anything but secure and stable. Children in Los Angeles, probably more than elsewhere, enter the school system with a multitude of needs in addition to the challenges of educating a new generation. Our population includes children of many cultures, abilities, languages, poverty, special educational needs, homelessness, and of course interests. And that is the reason for public education, because our whole community has a special interest in meeting the needs of the entire community. As socialists, we believe education is a basic right and basic service owed to all children by our society, and should be free, of high quality, and adequately funded to be successful. Continue reading


The Mission of DSA-LA’s Labor Committee is not just to build cross-industrial solidarity amongst its union members, but to encourage all of our chapter members to be protagonists in their own labor struggles. To that end, we are proud to share a personal account from one of our own committee members, Eric Pierce, a mental health care worker at Kaiser Permanente and a member of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). Eric will be picketing along with his coworkers to fight for mental health access and better working conditions, and we are proud to be standing alongside him in that fight. - DSA-LA Labor Committee Continue reading

Pledge Your Solidarity With Workers This Black Friday

The origin of “Black Friday,” the name given to the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving, has often been thought to be a reference to the first day of the year that retailers can expect to record a profit in their ledgers, or in other words, “be in the black.” In reality, an earlier usage of the term can be traced back to the 1940’s, when The Philadelphia Enquirer noted “Black Friday” was a common term used by local police officers to describe a day marked by endless traffic gridlock, chaos in commercial centers, and a day of grueling labor for retail workers that would often pull them out of their Thanksgiving festivities early to prepare for shopping the next day. Continue reading

Local Officer Election Results 2019

The Nominations Committee is proud to announce the results of this year's Local Officers election. Below are the names of the candidates who will make up the 2019 Steering Committee and the new YDSA Coordinator. Thank you to everyone who ran, attended the Candidate Forum, and voted. The Nominations Committee worked to run a fair and transparent election, and wish everyone who's been elected the best of luck during their year-long term.  Continue reading

Interim Branch Policy and Branch Coordinator Application

Link to Policy: to FAQ: for Branch Coordinator Applications: The 2018 DSA-LA Annual Convention passed the “Building DSA-LA Across All Los Angeles County” chapter resolution, formally establishing “branches” as a new entity within the chapter. Our chapter voted to create branches to advance our collective goal of building an independent, socialist political bloc that represents the full diversity of LA County. Given the size of DSA-LA’s geographic jurisdiction, building branches is aligned with our commitment to grow our chapter, expand geographic representation to accurately reflect our region, and foster deeper engagement with all members. As our chapter grows, we’re are committed to growing strategically—to expanding our reach while preserving unity in mission, to increasing our numbers while deepening connections and engagement with existing members. One way we’ll do this is by prioritizing a reboot of our mobilizer program, and by ensuring that branched Local meetings are paired with periodic opportunities for the entire chapter to come together. It’s up to all of us to build DSA-LA into the the political organization we need—consider supporting this work by familiarizing yourself with our branch policy, attending monthly branch chapter meetings and advancing our chapter-wide goals within your own branch, or applying for leadership as a Branch Coordinator by November 7th (FAQ here and application here) Continue reading

The Final Countdown: On Proposition 10

At our chapter’s first Annual Convention in April, we voted to join the fight for Proposition 10 as a way to challenge the unilateral control that capitalist private property relations hold over nearly every aspect of our lives. Winning Proposition 10 would not only offer the chance to mitigate the brutality of capitalism in a city where the median renter spends nearly half of their income on rent, but the passage of Proposition 10 would have the potential to spark many simultaneous fights against landlords and developers all across California. Continue reading

2018 General Election Voter Guide

Hello, and welcome to the DSA-LA Electoral Politics committee’s voter guide to the 2018 general elections!   Download it as a nifty PDF!   There’s a lot to vote for this year, so we decided to do the research on every race on the ballot (OK, almost every race) so you could know who and what you’re voting for when you mark those little dots in the polling booth. Given the huge number of races in LA county, we decided to create a cheat sheet with our recommendations—many of those represent “lesser evil” calculations, and in some cases, there simply isn’t anyone else to vote for. Continue reading

Steering Committee Nominations

STEERING COMMITTEE NOMINATIONS! This month, DSA Los Angeles will be holding elections for the next Steering Committee term, which begins at the end of the month. Nominations are officially open today. If you're interested in running for any Steering Committee positions, or for the YDSA Coordinator position (full details below), please fill out the below forms, which are managed by your elected Nominations Committee. If you are nominating yourself, the nomination form includes two open-answer questions, which will be posted alongside the list of candidates as a candidate statement. You may also fill out the form to nominate another member for a position. Continue reading

The Need For Mutual Aid In the Face Of Environmental Crisis

One of the many pernicious ways that capitalism manifests its contradictions is the despoliation of the earth. Built into capitalism’s DNA is the necessity for constant growth, and the extensive networks of production and distribution that have been built to support this growth are based on sources of energy that are either directly derived from fossil fuels or generated by burning fossil fuels, with few exceptions. The well-touted consequence of this endless thirst for oil and energy is the warming of the climate, which contributes to climatic, political, and social destabilization all over the world, and has an outsized impact on the global South on populations that, because of the already-extensive economic inequality generated on a global level by capitalism (superintended by the United States and its corporations and financial institutions), are already extremely vulnerable. This leads to environmental disasters that largely impact poor, working-class people of color who have no means of restitution. Continue reading

Local Officer Elections & Call for Nominations Committee

It’s that time of year again — time to elect a brand new set of Local Officers — the DSA-LA Steering Committee and the YDSA Coordinator! But before we elect the Local Officers we need to elect a Nominations Committee. So we present: Continue reading
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