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March for Justice: Standing in Solidarity with the Armenian Community

The Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles Chapter joins the Armenian community in its continued fight for a just resolution and against denial of the Armenian Genocide. DSA-LA recognizes and commemorates the one and a half million Armenians who were killed between 1915 and 1923. Continue reading

DSA-LA Moving Forward

Statement by Committee Leadership and Membership of Agitprop, Climate Justice, Healthcare, Housing & Homelessness, Immigration Justice, Labor, Membership, Mutual Aid, NOlympics LA, and Prison Abolition Committees Continue reading

Writers are Workers, Not Package Deals

Hollywood is subject to the same destructive capitalist pressures that have impacted the rest of the country, whether it be the liquidation of brick and mortar stores for parts at the expense of workers or the price gouging that has spread through the healthcare industry like a disease. Continue reading

DSA-LA for Jackie Goldberg Campaign

DSA-LA is proud to endorse Jackie Goldberg in the May 14th Los Angeles Unified School Board District 5 special election. Back in January, the entire Los Angeles chapter overwhelmingly voted to approve the Electoral Politics Committees endorsement proposal to endorse DSA-LA member Jackie Goldberg. This is a crucial election — if Jackie wins in the General Election on May 14, that means that the teachers can consolidate the gains they made in the UTLA strike, and stave off the threat of privatization from the charter school lobby.Canvassing is critical to our work — join us! Canvassing Schedule Saturday, March 23rd - Canvass in Highland Park and Canvass in Echo Park Sunday, March 31st - Canvass in Los Feliz and a bilingual canvass in Southeast LA Saturday, April 6th - Bilingual canvass in East Los Angeles Sunday, April 7th - DSA-LA Union Members Canvass Continue reading

Street Watch Mission Statement

As capitalism continues to force working class people to live in the streets, Street Watch will stand with our working class and unhoused community members in the fight to end criminalization, increase public control of resources, and accelerate a socialist movement for housing as a human right.   Continue reading

When We Strike (Support) We Win!

Over the course of January, public education won historic victories across Los Angeles. Rank and file members of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) went on strike on Monday, January 14 not only to secure a fair contract for teachers, but to show privatizers — and their billionaire backers — that parents, teachers, and community members were ready to defend and expand every student’s right to a quality public education.   Continue reading

ADEM Elections are here: Help fight the Corporate Democrats and support Socialists!

We are excited to support the Progressive Labor slates running to contest the corporate power within the Democratic Party this month! We have at least 50 members running for delegate spots in progressive labor slates across LA County! Continue reading

LAUSD Candidate Endorsement Proposal

On December 18th 2018, the DSA-LA Electoral Politics Committee voted to recommend for endorsement DSA-LA member Jackie Goldberg for the March 5 special election for the fifth district of the LA Unified School District board. We request that the Steering Committee add time to the January chapter meetings agenda to allow the candidate to come speak to the members, and help facilitate a chapter-wide vote on whether to formally endorse Jackie Goldberg following those meetings. Additionally, we also propose that DSA-LA membership vote on the following campaign plan and mobilize the chapter resources described below. Click here to see the full timeline, Goldberg's candidate questionnaire, and to submit a statement for or against her endorsement. Continue reading

Supporting Our Teachers IS Supporting Public Education

Public education is the only hope for our children to come out of 12 years of schooling with an understanding of equality, democracy and the proficiency and confidence they’ll need to face a future that is anything but secure and stable. Children in Los Angeles, probably more than elsewhere, enter the school system with a multitude of needs in addition to the challenges of educating a new generation. Our population includes children of many cultures, abilities, languages, poverty, special educational needs, homelessness, and of course interests. And that is the reason for public education, because our whole community has a special interest in meeting the needs of the entire community. As socialists, we believe education is a basic right and basic service owed to all children by our society, and should be free, of high quality, and adequately funded to be successful. Continue reading


The Mission of DSA-LA’s Labor Committee is not just to build cross-industrial solidarity amongst its union members, but to encourage all of our chapter members to be protagonists in their own labor struggles. To that end, we are proud to share a personal account from one of our own committee members, Eric Pierce, a mental health care worker at Kaiser Permanente and a member of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). Eric will be picketing along with his coworkers to fight for mental health access and better working conditions, and we are proud to be standing alongside him in that fight. - DSA-LA Labor Committee Continue reading