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Salans and Shain Campaigns for City Council District 13

Jessica Salans and Sylvie Shain are two progressive candidates running for Los Angeles City Council District 13. Currently, there are members of DSA-LA working on both campaigns, but there are less than two weeks until the March 7th elections and the Salans and Shain campaigns could definitely use some extra help if anyone is interested in volunteering. If you would like learn more about the candidates or if you want to volunteer for canvassing, phone banking, or if you have any other skills that you can contribute, you can sign up on the Salans and Shain campaign websites, which are and Whether you live in the district or not, sharing posts on social media can also help to reach a lot of potential voters as well. Please remember to vote on March 7th. Continue reading

DSA-LA Statement in Opposition to Measure S

DSA-LA's Housing and Homelessness Committee and Politics Committee recommend NO on Measure S for the following reasons: Measure S will contribute to the overall shortage of housing in Los Angeles, which will lead to increased rental and housing costs, displacement, and homelessness; It will endanger the building of permanent supportive housing units planned for homeless people as part of Measure HHH, approved overwhelmingly by voters; It will not place restrictions on luxury apartments and hotels, nor does it provide developers meaningful incentives to develop more affordable housing; It will place restrictions on height and density of building development that prevent modern environmentally sustainable city planning; It will not create meaningful democratic control over local zoning rules; It is funded by a corrupt local millionaire who is siphoning money from his AIDS charity to prevent obstruction of his office view. Continue reading

DSA-LA Statement in Support of Measure H

DSA-LA's Housing and Homelessness Committee and Politics Committee recommend YES on Measure H for the following reasons: Measure H is an important companion to Measure HHH, which passed overwhelming in November.   If passed, Measure H will provide crucial supportive services to homeless individuals and those at-risk of homelessness for the entirety of Los Angeles County.Together the two measures will help to establish a housing-first model that comprehensively addresses homelessness in Los Angeles. Although DSA-LA has concerns that the regressive nature of a sales tax disproportionately impacts low-income people, items such as groceries, utilities, transportation, prescription medications, etc. are exempt which mitigate some of our concerns. Measure H is a critical opportunity for Angelenos to address our ongoing homelessness epidemic. Continue reading

The Post Trump World: Why I Joined The DSA & Where I Think We Need To Go From Here

On Friday, January 20, 2017 AK_47 Presents co-Founder Kelsey Goldberg gave an abridged version of this speech. We're posting the full version here. Today we woke up to a new world, in many ways it’s an uncertain world but the election and the transition process have given us insight into what we can expect and I’m not going to lie: it’s not great guys. I had fully expected to wake up feeling devastated, terrified, and angry, as I’d been feeling when I woke up almost every morning since November 9th, but I didn’t. I felt galvanized. See, when I had initially set out to write this speech I wasn’t sure where to start, November 9th seemed like the logical place to start. I woke up that day and immediately started searching the Internet for active socialist groups. It was the day I found the Democratic Socialists of America. What it wasn’t, was the day my dissatisfaction with our political system started. I lived in Canada for eight years and when I moved home after the Canadian government very politely volun-told me I would be returning, the two party system inherently upset me. I think my feeble attempt at a prescient metaphor went something like this: “You can’t offer me a choice between an apple and an orange and call it the greatest fruit salad in the world.” Continue reading

2017 Will Be the Year of the Democratic Socialists of America

By Brenden Gallagher The way forward is clear. “I think it would be a good time to buy stock in socialism,” said MSNBC host Chris Hayes at a roundtable election post-mortem alongside some other liberal and leftist thinkers when asked about the lasting impact of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. In the week following the election, the Democratic Socialists of America signed up 1,600 new members. Jacobin Magazine, America’s leading socialist magazine, had such an influx of subscribers that it couldn’t print new issues fast enough. Socialism is on the rise in America and the DSA is poised to become a political player in America in 2017. Continue reading