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Immigration Justice Committee Platform

Join the Immigration Justice Committee!   The Immigration Justice Committee Platform   Analysis  As socialists, we stand in solidarity with all immigrants and refugees in the struggle against capitalist exploitation. Borders are inherently violent: they define strict and artificial rules for the occupation and mobility of people, who are often displaced by various economic, social, and environmental pressures, including war and other forms of violence. The reality is that many come to the United States as refugees or economic migrants because capitalism and U.S. imperialism create and sustain cycles of poverty, ecological collapse, and violence. Continue reading

Anti-Oppression Committee Platform

Join the Anti-Oppression Committee! Committee Platform The DSA-LA Anti-Oppression Committee is primarily an internal resource committee working to make our chapter and all work carried forth by DSA-LA  just, representative, and liberatory.   Continue reading

Religious Socialism Committee Platform

Join the Religious Socialism Committee! Religious Socialism Committee (RELISOC) Mission Statement / Principles: If socialism seeks to be a national movement, it will have to rely on communities of faith who already inform the perspective of so many of us. The aim of the Religious Socialism Committee (RELISOC) is to foster democratic socialism along existing faith networks by connecting religious leaders and communities with organizers and activists by doing good works in the company of those of differing faith with unifying purpose. Continue reading

Housing & Homelessness Committee Platform

Join the Housing & Homelessness Committee! Continue reading

Climate Justice Committee Platform

Join the Climate Justice Committee! Mission Statement The Climate Justice Committee of DSA-LA recognizes the current moment as an historical apex; one that must end with the dismantling of capitalism as well as the reconstitution of society and its relationship to the Earth. In our dedication to a politics that places people and the planet before profit, the Climate Justice Committee of DSA-LA will work to agitate, educate and organize on the local, state and national levels for an ecosocialist future in which democracy and equity are united with sustainability.   Continue reading

Labor Committee Platform

Join the Labor Committee!   Introduction   The Democratic Socialists of America-Los Angeles (DSA-LA) Labor Committee (henceforth “the Committee”) was founded in January 2017 by rank and file union members, union staff, and unrepresented workers. The Committee is dedicated to developing worker consciousness and solidarity, both within our chapter and among the greater Los Angeles community. At the national level, the Committee also works in conjunction with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC), a network of DSA committees, working groups, and other bodies that formally interacts with other organizations that belong to or support the labor movement.    As socialists, the Committee's core philosophy is rooted in the conviction that the workplace is one of the most vital spaces in the struggle for democracy and human dignity. Our work should empower DSA members to fight that struggle and win.    Continue reading

Electoral Politics Committee Platform

Join the Electoral Politics Committee! MISSION STATEMENT The Electoral Politics Committee of DSA-LA exists to help the chapter gain the power and knowledge necessary to work towards and realize its various goals using the existing power of the state as channeled through elected office.   At the moment, many of the chapter’s goals—achieving universal healthcare, universal housing, universal education, universal bread, universal roses, and destroying capitalism—involve appealing to the power of elected officials to enact, enforce, and repeal laws. Save some rare instances of individual moral decisionmaking, elected officials make decisions because of financial, social, or political pressure—in other words, they do things for money, fame, or votes. Continue reading

Mutual Aid Resource Committee Platform

Join the Mutual Aid Committee! What is Mutual Aid? Mutual aid is a voluntary exchange of resources and services for the mutual benefit of all people involved. It involves comrades coming together to work as equals for the common good by assessing what people need and what people can provide. Mutual aid projects come from and are run by the community rather than nonprofit workers, foundations, or charity programs created by the ruling classes. No one is made to feel inferior for receiving help, as it is fundamentally an organic and egalitarian social relationship, not a material one based on hierarchy, and everyone provides what they can rather than separating into “givers” and “receivers.” It is with this in mind that we maintain that mutual aid is not charity. While charity often has altruistic motives and can be helpful to people’s material conditions, it reinforces hierarchies rather than undermines them, and often is delivered with the explicit or implicit aim of control or conversion. We are deeply committed to organizing mutual aid networks that allow people with material needs to organize the solutions to their own problems. By doing so, we reject a charity framework which would limit the scope of our work to aiding only those deemed “worthy” by the capitalist class. Continue reading

AgitProp Resource Committee Platform

Join the AgitProp Committee! Mission Statement If you say the word “socialism” to the average American what do they think of? After decades of corporate and capitalist propaganda it’s probably something negative. While the door has been broken open for discussion around democratic socialist ideals, it is our obligation to change the narrative once and for all.   Continue reading

Prison Abolition Committee Platform

Join the Prison Abolition Committee! Mission Statement The DSA-LA Prison Abolition Committee works toward a future of total prison abolition, which entails the abolition of all forms of the carceral state, including policing as well as public and private prisons. We work toward building well informed and researched alternatives that foster a fair and equal society that come in many forms: rehabilitation, medical and mental care, health care in the form of food, housing, physical and community support. We wish to collectively demystify the idea of prison abolition and work toward a future void of punitive and vindictive justice where every person's humanity is realized. Continue reading