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2020-03-28 Local Meeting Consent Agenda

Earlier in the year, the Steering Committee asked DSA-LA’s Local Subgroups to update their platforms. These updated platforms will be voted on, together, after the 2020-03-28 Local Meeting. We present them to be voted on as a package via the consent agenda. At the forthcoming Local Meeting we will present the consent agenda for amendments before preparing it for an online vote to follow the meeting. Please review the consent agenda here. Continue reading

Chapter Local Meeting: Saturday, 3/28 @ 3-5pm

In times like these, we need each other. Join us for our first online Local Meeting of the year where we will discuss and vote on new resolutions, and figure out how to best organize in Los Angeles over the next few months in our new reality living during a global pandemic. Now more than ever is the time to come together, organize, and work together (even if remotely)! Come hang out with your fellow comrades online on Saturday, March 28th from 3-5pm.  Continue reading

Join the Conflict Resolution Team: Do You Have What It Takes?

Are you a good listener? Are you passionate about fostering an anti-oppressive environment within DSA? Do you have experience in the field of conflict resolution, either formally or informally? Are you good at dealing with stress? If so, you may be a good fit for our Conflict Resolution Team (CRT). DSA-LA is currently seeking to recruit additional members for the CRT. The CRT is our primary body for resolving conflict between members and referring more serious cases for outside mediation. Before applying, please consider referring to the current DSA-LA misconduct policy, as well as Resolution 33, which established grievance policies for DSA on the national level.  Continue reading

AOC on the Future

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reflects on Democratic primaries, coronavirus, her own future. Continue reading

DSA-LA Steering Committee update on COVID-19

Members of DSA-LA and Other Comrades, At our most recent meeting, the members of the Steering Committee voted unanimously that, given the current COVID-19 virus public health emergency, we will now be holding most meetings online. Continue reading

What is Democratic Socialism Book Panel

  DSA-LA Central Branch Presents “What is Democratic Socialism?” Book Panel Series. With the California Primary over, and Bernie Sanders winning California by 33.6%, we must ask ourselves, “What is democratic socialism anyway?” “Why should socialists participate in a socialist organization?” As a starting point, these two book panel presentations aim to provide basic foundations of the political tradition. Democratic Socialism has always been a contested tradition. Both new and old participants in this movement will find these authors worth listening to as we continue to grow and strengthen the Democratic Socialists of America organization. Continue reading

2020 Primary Election Voter Guide

  Hello, and welcome to the DSA-LA / The Future Left voter guide to the 2020 primary elections!   Download the infographic as a pdf   Continue reading

Night Schools on Socialism and Electoral Politics: Advancing Working Class Self-Education and a Transformative Politics

Amidst the breakdown of the neoliberal consensus and Bernie Sanders’s insurgent candidacy, millions of people are hearing and talking about socialism for the first time. When millions are talking about socialism, it’s our responsibility as organized socialists to be in conversation with them. Now more than ever, working class self-education is critical to building and sustaining a meaningful socialist movement that extends beyond any single politician or election cycle.  Continue reading

Congratulations to the DSA-LA 2020 Committee and Working Group Officers!

The elections for the DSA Los Angeles 2020 Committee and Working Group Officers have completed and the results are in. Continue reading

Organizing For All Taskforce Workplan Draft

At the DSA-LA convention on October 19, 2019, the DSA-LA general assembly endorsed a resolution titled “Organizing for All.” The resolution called for the chapter to improve “DSA-LA’s internal capacity to engage and develop a membership that reflects the working class of Los Angeles, with a focus on fostering an inclusive and accessible organizing space.” The types of improvements encouraged included, but were not limited, to expanding the accessibility to DSA-LA spaces for people with disabilities and families, women, and queer socialists; building the chapter’s ability to communicate bilingually and cross-culturally (especially among and within the Latinx population of Los Angeles, an underrepresented group within DSA-LA); increasing the representation of other non-white members in DSA-LA; and ultimately growing DSA-LA by adding a branch of the organization in South Los Angeles.   Continue reading