He’s the reason I’m here

Position: Support  
Statement by: Mike Van Gorder

Before Bernie Sanders, most Americans had never heard of Democratic Socialism. His campaign educated millions of people on the concept and offered it as a real solution to an entire generation of people left behind by capitalism. This campaign is an invitation to national legitimacy, especially after our local success backing the teachers union - people are ready to get past the stigma of “socialism”. We can use the campaign as a means to invite even more folks into the fold. The sooner we come out and back Sanders, the more likely his - and our - success is. We need each other.

I also don’t think that this would prevent action elsewhere. There’s always something going on that we can put our energy into, and the 2016 Sanders campaign was the biggest basebuilding tool in our org’s history - I wouldn’t be here without it - and I know we can put ourselves on the national stage if we get loud now.