No endorsement

UTLA lost the seat last time backing a white liberal.
I am sympathetic to Leone Hankey's recommendation of no endorsement, although I don't understand her depiction of Goldberg as part of a dynastic political family in L.A. (Her brother is a movement lawyer, her nephew was UTLA treasurer at one point, her niece a progressive rabbi; none ran for government office that I am aware of.) But Leone is right that there are progressive candidates of color running, and last time, UTLA backed a white liberal and the charter school people backed a Latino who won (and was forced to resign because of campaign finance violations, opening the seat for the current special election). Here's a link to the LAist article that runs down who is running and the nature of the district which is wildly gerrymandered to include the southeast LA cities with largely Mexicano/ meso-american migrant populations with Echo Park and NELA areas with many more (gentrifying) white voters. Ref Rodriguez won with a big lead in the southern portion over Bennett Kayser. UTLA probably would've been well advised to back a Latino progressive, especially a current parent or teacher. At this point and especially with the strike on, DSA openly opposing Goldberg and UTLA probably makes no sense. I hope Goldberg listens to the suggestion of serving only the remainder of the term and not seeking re-election, though I don't like the idea of having her "groom" a successor, smacks too much of the anointed favorite politics of the LA political machine, like Monica Garcia succeeding Jose Huizar.