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Mission statement

The mission of the Membership Committee is internal and external. In our internal capacity, the Membership Committee will work to retain and activate existing members to contribute their time and skills to committee work, campaigns, direct actions and other DSA efforts. Our external mission is to develop and implement strategies, processes and resources that will lead to growth in membership, particularly organizing new members not well-represented within the current membership.


The goals identify strategic areas in which committee members can devote their efforts to institute the mission of the Membership Committee. 

  1. Double the number of dues-paying members of DSA-LA by the end of 2018.
  2. Double the number of active members (defined by attendance to chapter meetings or committee meetings) by end of 2018.
  3. Communicate with and provide assistance to YDSA membership efforts at local schools. 
  4. Develop practices and policies to onboard new members more effectively, such as more formalized new member orientation, better coordination among hangouts, and better assessment tools for committee members working with external engagement. 
  5. Develop outreach tools designed to recruit and engage new members. 
  6. Create opportunities for engagement and expansion of the local in an effort to build a membership body that reflects the diversity of the City and County of Los Angeles.
  7. Develop trainings for all DSA members that will help lead to the recruitment of new members. This may include tabling-in-a-box, hangouts-in-a-box, developing raps for strangers or interested people.
  8. Facilitate better intra-committee communication with the aim of activating new and old members to join committee work and campaigns, and encourage members to provide material, skills, and time for the chapter. This includes developing and overseeing the mobilizer program, developing a formal Membership Committee liaison position to each committee and working group, and improving communication between Membership and other committees.


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