Proposed Amendments And Statements In Favor And Against The Chapter Office Space Proposal

Below are member-submitted amendments and statements in favor and against the recently submitted, Proposal for DSA-LA to Pursue Renting a Chapter Office Space.

The final proposal, incorporating any accepted amendments, will be emailed to membership with a ballot on Sunday, November 24th. This page will be updated daily between now and midnight, the night of Sunday, December 8th, when voting closes. Results will be announced Monday, December 9th.



Inclusion of Adverse Possession - Evan B.

We should consider the option to occupy vacant space that landlords let remain unutilized in addition to the search for an office space that can be leased through traditional means.

The rationale for the proposal is solid; having a consistent location that can be used as a small-scale organizing space will be crucial to the working groups, caucuses, etc. to meet consistently, as well as providing DSA members with a centralized location to work on other DSA-related projects.

We should, however, consider that the lease of such a space through the more traditional means ultimately results in capital being transferred to the parasitic real estate industry. No matter who our money goes to, the end result is the further commodification of space. Additionally, there is no rent control for commercial spaces. Without taking this on a major digression, we will have to take into account that DSA-LA will likely have to make additional fundraising efforts to account for the inevitable budget shortfalls, rent increases, upkeep, and furnishings.

If we want to be ambitious with our work and dare I say revolutionary, then we need to take a hard look at how we can obtain a permanent space for organizing by using Adverse Possession laws to our advantage. We need to take a hard look at both the methods and the infrastructure that we will employ to defeat the ruling class. Are we lions - getting ours by repatriating what was stolen from us by the ruling class - or are we rats - scrounging for funds to pay an ever-increasing lease on a space that our control over is tentative at best. So yes, that last sentence was filled with bluster and hubris, but at the very least we should extend the investigation to include properties that we can squat on and eventually obtain.



In support - Michael Adams

There appears to be an amount of commercial real estate available for small offices, outside of co-working spaces. If there isn't a need for a kitchen, then you even have more options. Conversely, if something was big enough, you could use the space for socializing & holding events with partner organizations. This space should be preferably away from Downtown: I myself find it hard to get there from Westside, and it's even harder to get there from the Valley.



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