Member-Called Meetings

Proposed by: Jared Russell

Article IV. Local Meetings

Section 3. Emergency Meetings

The Steering Committee may call an Emergency Meeting of the Local on five days notice when an urgent and important matter requires deliberation.

The Steering Committee will also call an emergency meeting on behalf of a group of 50 or more members requesting one. For these member-called meetings, the meeting should be scheduled within two weeks of the submission of 50 member signatures, with notice of the meeting being sent to all members at least five days in advance. When submitting the signatures, the petitioning members will specify the matters to be discussed and, during the meeting, no other matter may be brought to the floor.


Under the Internal Organizing and Infrastructure heading, the third priority reads “Maintain transparent decision-making processes which allows all members to democratically shape and engage in chapter decisions, avoiding top-heavy hierarchies and 'gatekeeping.'

Allowing a group of members to call an emergency meeting empowers membership to identify and take action on issues affecting the chapter. While Steering could call an emergency meeting at any time at the request of membership, the burden and responsibility of determining whether to call one need not rest solely on their shoulders. If a significant number of members identify an issue that they feel warrants chapterwide attention, Steering should facilitate an emergency meeting in any case.

This is the same threshold as a chapter-wide vote on a proposal driven solely by membership as described in Article VI: Local Decision-Making, Section 2: Roles and Responsibilities of the Membership.