May Day March

This May Day, all across the country, Democratic Socialists of America are mobilizing against the Trump administration to defend labor, immigrants, and our civil rights. DSA-LA is calling on its members and allies to join immigrant rights groups, labor unions, and other community activists to strike and march on May 1st, THE REAL LABOR DAY!

The Trump administration has wasted no time in fulfilling its bigoted campaign promises by attacking immigrants, refugees, and Muslims with travel bans and ICE raids. Their right wing agenda has long included breaking unions, gutting the social safety net, privatizing public education, eviscerating environmental laws, deregulating banking & financial industries, militarizing the police, waging endless war, and weakening civil rights protections. That's why communities across Los Angeles are coming together on May 1st, and mobilizing on a scale not seen in a decade.

DSA-LA endorses the many actions happening across Los Angeles.
Stand with working people across the city striking and marching, and join us!

Will you come?