March Local Meeting

In times like these, we need each other. Join us for our first online Local Meeting of the year where we will discuss and vote on new resolutions, and figure out how to best organize in LA over the next few months in our new reality living during a global pandemic. Now more than ever is the time to come together, organize, and work together (even if remotely)! Come hang out with your fellow comrades online on Saturday, March 28th from 3-5pm

As this will be our first ever online Local Meeting with us all using the application Zoom, please come armed with patience and good humor as we will be navigating the process for the first time together. 

We recommend joining Zoom calls by computer or phone app because you will then be able to see other meeting attendees by webcam (it is not required to use a webcam and it can be turned off as well as your microphone muted if you prefer to just listen in). There is also the option of calling into Zoom meetings rather than joining by computer/phone app. 

Here’s our quick how-to Zoom guide!

Per DSA-LA’s bylaws, “Local Meetings” occur three times per year and use a parlia modified version of Robert’s Rules, a parliamentary procedural rulebook to debate and vote on collective decisions about our political work. However, since Robert’s Rules are primarily intended to be used for in-person meetings and since this will be our first Local Meeting and first online-only meeting, we’ll be modifying Robert’s Rules so that the final votes on each resolution will happen after the meeting, via email. Here is a cheat sheet from our comrades at Boston DSA on Robert’s Rules, which will still be used for debating and potentially amending the resolutions during the meeting. During the meeting, we’ll be considering several political resolutions, which per our bylaws were agendized by being passed by DSA-LA’s issue-based committees, by a vote of DSA-LA’s Steering Committee, or by rank-and-file members gathering 25 signatures. Resolutions are written in two sections: “Whereas” clauses explain the rationale behind the resolution and expanding on the political stances of the chapter, and “resolved” clauses, which explain what actions would be taken by the chapter if the resolution is adopted. For guidance on writing political resolutions for future meetings, see this memo by our comrades in New Orleans DSA (note that the bottom section, “Resolutions Process” is not applicable to DSA-LA.

In order to vote you will need to be a member in good standing by the date of the Local meeting, so if you are not a member now is a great time to join DSA-LA.
Proposed Resolutions can be found here.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at this moment, as the world suffers through a pandemic, the global economy careens towards crisis, and the billionaire class moves to preserve its wealth at the expense of workers. But crises create political openings, and there is enormous potential for us to win material victories for working people – so long as we come together and fight for them. 

You are invited to a Zoom meeting.

hen: Mar 28, 2020 03:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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