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DSA-LA's suggested annual contribution is $25. If you can give monthly, we suggest $10. Local contributions are highly appreciated, but not required for involvement with the chapter. If you'd like to pay a different amount, you can enter the amount in the 'Other' box. You will be personally reminded about your contribution after a year. Thank you for your support!

To pay dues for a DSA national membership, click here. National dues are required to be a voting member of DSA-LA. 

As a socialist organization, DSA-LA does not turn away any member from joining our organization for lack of funds. Click here to request funding or to offer to sponsor someone else's dues.

If you need to cancel your monthly contribution or change your payment info, please email treasurer@dsa-la.org

Please Note: We had previously referred to local contributions as "local dues" but that verbiage was informal. At this time we do not have local dues.

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