Creation Of A Local Assembly

Proposed By: Brandon Rey Ramirez & Jack Suria Linares

Create a new Article X. Local Assembly (For the purposes of creating a new article, previous Article X and onwards shall move down an Article to become a new Article XI and so on and so forth)

Section 1. Composition and Purpose.

The Local Assembly shall be comprised of the various elected officers from each Subgroup. The Assembly shall be the formal body for Subgroups to advise the Steering Committee and coordinate chapter campaigns.

Section 2. Duties.

Members of the Assembly shall convene with the Steering Committee on a quarterly basis. At least one officer from each Subgroup should attend. If none of a Subgroup’s elected officers are able to attend the Assembly, the elected officers from that Subgroup must select at least one alternate representative—though a Subgroup can send as many alternate representatives as there are elected officer positions in that Subgroup The Steering Committee will set the agenda for the Local Assembly.


The Organizational Priorities document states that the Local should set internal organizing infrastructure that creates transparency and sustains the growth of the Local. With the creation of an Assembly, transparency may occur faster and the chapter may begin to strengthen our culture as a chapter. Furthermore, it will help bring in the various political perspectives and subgroups together to speak to themselves and to Steering. In short, the Assembly can further close gaps of communication, political decision-making, and tensions within the chapter that need not exist.