No Endorsement in the Special Election is the best decision

With several progressive candidates of color, DSA-LA should not endorse a member of the white liberal establishment-that sends a negative message to LA's communities of color.

I propose that Jackie Goldberg not be endorsed for tin the special election for School Board and that DSA-LA not endorse any candidate, leaving DSA members free to support and work for the candidate of their choice. I propose that if DSA-LA decides to endorse Jackie Goldberg, that the endorsement be conditional on her promise not to run for re-election for an additional term after this term runs out in Dec 2020, but instead will nurture, mentor, and campaign for progressive pro-union, anti-privatization candidates of color who come from the main communities that LAUSD serves, 90% of whom are Latinx, to run in the next regular election for school board.

My reasons for my proposal are:

  • There are several other candidates who are people of color with very progressive platforms who come from education careers and experience. I would never suggest that DSA-LA put itself in conflict with UTLA in this election by endorsing someone other than Jackie Goldberg, but these candidates also have a support base from people of color, working class people and radical and socialist activists. The concerns raised by many members of the community served by LAUSD that they want representatives who more reflect themselves should be acknowledged and responded to by DSA-LA. Otherwise, we will drive a wedge between ourselves and many of our allies in the movement(s) by being insensitive to these representation issues.

  • From a democratic socialist point of view, it is problematic to support a liberal dynasty with political power even as we appreciate the contributions of each Goldberg family member. Many DSA-ers may not be fully aware that the Goldberg family is a local liberal political dynasty and that new generations of political leadership need to be fostered here--I urge you to look into it before you vote.

  • I understand why UTLA felt it had to endorse Jackie, because her political positions and skills are known, and because she will almost certainly win. However, I believe DSA-LA members who want to work for Jackie can do so and aid her victory without the official endorsement.

In conclusion, I believe an endorsement of Jackie Goldberg will hurt DSA in Los Angeles more than it will help her candidacy.

In solidarity, Leone Hankey (DSA-LA member)