Support for the Endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for AD-54

The election of Steve Dunwoody in AD 54 would advance a number of our chapter campaigns which will be settled on the CA legislature floor.

I support DSA-LA’s endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for Assembly District seat 54 because I see his win as pivotal to our chapter’s goals and campaigns. A lot of the work we’ve chosen to undertake: repealing Costa Hawkins, the fight for SB562 universal healthcare, the fight for SB100 ensuring 100% renewable energy in CA, college for all in CA, a public bank in CA, and abolishing cash bail with SB10 are all fights that will be settled in California state legislature. Steve Dunwoody has wholeheartedly declared support for all of these issues, and having him on the floor voting in favor and advocating for each of them will be an important arm in our campaign of diverse tactics to see them each realized.

Steve Dunwoody is a corporate-free candidate. In his previous work, he’s taken on pharmaceutical companies, oil companies and advocated for vets. Though him running as a democrat may not symbolically live up to our ideals as socialists, the material value of having him on the state legislature floor at this pivotal moment in time, as we fight for a multitude of issues that will be laid out, debated and voted on that same floor, is crucial to our work.

As Electoral Politics moves forward with the endorsement, there have been handfuls of residents of AD 54 that have stepped up, excited and engaged to have an opportunity to work in their neighborhood, connect with with their community and enact change on a policy level. This includes parts of South LA where there is an opportunity for DSA-LA to organically organize in the area. With this endorsement, I look forward to working with members in AD-54, and I look forward to talking to residents and spreading awareness of the repeal of Costa Hawkins, SB562, abolishing Cash Bail with SB10, and the numerous other campaigns we can advance with a Steve Dunwoody endorsement.