Support for F4S with spending cap

Statement by Kris Werner
Position: Support

I believe F4S to be the type of project that will allow for Socialism to move forward in Los Angeles.

F4S is the sort of ambitious yet tangible program which allows for DSA to reach out to communities in need. The program is a positive statement of not just DSA’s morality, but its operational potential.

However, with these benefits do come financial risk. I am not a financial or accounting manager, but do have experience in drafting of policy so I hope this to be a suggested outline for the policy of fundraising/spending, and not the final draft. The DSA has been growing steadily in recent times, but we can not be sure that that will continue. F4S then plans to use a large portion of DSA-LA’s funds for a singular project. As it stands the donation goal is 40% per annum. I believe that this should be increased by 20-30%, and the spending of DSA to be hard capped at 30-40% on the project. By putting a majority of the financial risk in the hands members and others across Los Angeles, this greatly reduces the amount of financial risk DSA-LA has to take on. In addition to the reduced financial risk to the party, increasing the amount of the program financed by donations and fundraising will allow the members of DSA to actively spread the message not only of the F4S program, but the pitfalls of the capitalist system which requires a group of people to ask for help in feeding their neighbors. Having F4S open the door for conversation to people who may initially be spooked by the word “socialism,” DSA’s members will have a popular campaign to bring those who donate into the discussion as well. Further, this discussion will then hopefully lead to new membership.

In conclusion, I would like to thank those who worked on this project as it is a wonderful idea that is well thought out and organized project that even if not passed. I believe that this is the type of forward-thinking mentality that DSA-LA should strive for.