Statement in support of F4S

Statement by Kirsten Lynch, HnH and SW member
Position: Support

F4S is an opportunity to learn from and struggle with communities across LA

I support Food for Solidarity.

First, F4S provides a mechanism for action-oriented relationship building through food distribution in working class communities. If DSA-LA truly wants to build a political base with a strong foundation among the working class, we must go into those communities, hear their struggles, and fight with them. The educational component presented in the proposal is reciprocal - by partnering with local organizations entrenched in the communities, F4S, and our chapter, will learn about issues faced by working class communities where we do not currently have members; and by participating in the program, community members can engage with DSA-LA where they feel comfortable and in a way our chapter can provide avenues to help community members organize further. Similar success has been found in other DSA-LA initiatives, such as Street Watch, where education is provided to unhoused residents in communities where DSA is not established or embedded. With the help of coalition partners, like LA CAN, we have had success building trust, learning about the issues faced by the unhoused, and helping our new comrades self-organize. I believe similar success can be found with F4S and their community partners.

Second, F4S has potential to help support and build upon existing chapter initiatives. Food distributions provide a unique and recurring opportunity to learn about the issues that affect the local community, and could potentially be used in conjunction with committee goals regarding healthcare, immigrant justice, and housing rights - for example, F4S could operate in areas where section 8 voucher recipients live who would be important allies in our fight for housing justice, and, perhaps more importantly, a population we might otherwise never learn from.

The notion that socialism is equally accessible to everyone negates the daily struggles brought on by capitalism that prevents people from devoting time and energy to community causes. By helping community members self-organize around food provisions - the most basic necessities - F4S provides the beginnings of a framework to create food security, and therefore increases their accessibility to community organizing. Not to mention a vision of what socialist self-organizing could look like.