Trust Loraine to fight for climate justice in LA. Endorse.

Statement in Support by Kevin Varzandeh

The first time I met Dr. Lundquist was at a meeting of the Climate Justice committee in late October 2018. This was the first meeting after the IPCC’s report which declared we have 12 years (now 11) to slow climate change before triggering thresholds that would boil the planet and lead to irreversible climate breakdown. Loraine introduced herself as a scientist, a professor, an activist, and a mom. When she became a mom, she started learning more about climate breakdown and the devastation it entails for her children's lives. Since then, Loraine has dedicated her life to fighting for climate justice. She has been organizing toward those goals in her district for years, and she was working to stop fracking in Aliso Canyon before the gas storage facility had a major blowout in 2015.

Loraine has stood with DSA-LA on issues including the teacher strike, public banking, and rent control. She promises to fight for LA to have carbon-free electricity by 2025 and make a Green New Deal for LA her top priority. She believes housing is a human right and has served on her neighborhood council’s homelessness committee advocating for more bridge housing in her district. She is a union member and supports a just transition to green jobs for workers in the fossil fuel industry. She believes public transportation should be free.

She has held forums and discussions with multiple committees within DSA-LA and other climate organizations including Sunrise Movement, STAND LA, and Extinction Rebellion. She has been endorsed by Food and Water Watch, Sunrise LA, the LA Times, and the LA County Green Party. She has sought the endorsement of this organization for over 6 months, and her record and values demonstrates to me that she has earned it.