Get Involved – DSA-LA Jobs Board

DSA-LA JOBS BOARD [Last Updated January 2019]

Looking for a way to get connected? The DSA Los Angeles Jobs Board is a regularly updated document that lists concrete ways in which DSA members, new and old, can get involved in the chapter's work. All of these tasks are great places to start, even if you're brand new to DSA-LA and activism in general. Full training and support will be provided for everything listed. Also be sure to check out our calendar for any upcoming events!


Contact to agitate for the decent treatment of the working class in the following ways:T

Get #StrikeReady! Starting on the 14th of this month, UTLA Teachers and associated staff have voted to strike and they need your support! We are hoping to provide consistent picket line support as well as fulfill other volunteer roles. Fill out this form to be contacted about opportunities to support striking workers. No contribution is too small, so sign up today!

This month, tens of thousands of workers in Los Angeles are engaged in fights with their boss to negotiate better union contracts and working conditions. While some unions are still at the bargaining table, others have opted to engage in direct action or start striking in earnest. Many of these workers are situated in strategic locations in the LA economy - healthcare, hospitality, public education - but most importantly these are fellow workers engaging in class struggle, and as socialists it is our duty to support them in that fight.

Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles (DSA-LA) will be engaging in labor solidarity support campaigns for our fellow workers in UTLA, UNITE HERE, and NUHW over the course of the next several months. We need you to provide the community support these workers need in order to win their fights for better working conditions!

Climate Justice

Contact to build a base for eco-socialism in Los Angeles:

Immigration Justice

Contact to fight for justice for immigrants in the following ways:   

  • Researcher: Research current policy, candidates, and immigrant rights to help us abolish ICE
  • Rapid Response Network: We need First Responders and Dispatchers to grow our capacity to respond to immigration raids. Bilingual preferred, training provided.
  • Writer/Archivist: Produce materials on Anti-Imperialism, Decolonialism, and Migration Activism History
  • Caravan Support: We need volunteers with medical, legal, and deescalation skills to help migrants at the border. Bilingual preferred, not required.

Political Education

Contact to spread class consciousness in the following ways:

  • Distill key points from Class on Class presentations/discussion to share broadly with interested DSA-LA members and other interested chapters (potentially working with comrades on the AgitProp Committee)
  • Research and write social media posts relevant to political education - posts that both feature contemporary content, and amplifying socialist histories 


Contact to help spread the good word of socialism on social media and through our news website and newsletter The Thorn:

  • Draft social media assets for the communications committee, including sample tweets, graphics/memes, and other messaging items.
  • Write blurbs summarizing local news stories that will be published in a weekly news round-up
  • Write longer-form pieces elaborating on news trends or chapter work to also be included in the news round-up

Housing and Homelessness

Contact to get involved in the fight alongside our unhoused neighbors for our right to the city.

  • Join Street Watch to defend the rights of unhoused people. The area around 7th St and Hobart in Koreatown has recently been targeted by local business owners and police for illegal sweeps. We need help monitoring police interaction, taking video, and checking in with our contacts that live in the targeted encampment. If you live or work nearby and can stop by regularly, email Jed at or reach out on the HnH Slack to get plugged in!


Contact to contribute in any of the following ways:            

  • Support monthly chapter meetings at the Central, Westside, and SFV chapter meetings
    • Work the sign-in table    
    • Work the dues-station
    • Sign up for a half hour-hour long child watch shift (training provided!)
    • Organize snacks/food
  • Member mobilization
  • Member data entry and maintenance
  • Write communications to new members
  • Organize, host, or attend a zine folding party! (training provided)
  • Share access to free/cheap printing and office supplies

Mutual Aid

Contact to build solidarity in the following ways:

  • Would you like to help provide security at our events? Would you like training on deescalation and general security practices? Join our Marshal program!  We need 2 volunteers for each of the three Branch meetings in January. Use [Marshal] in the subject line.
  • Help with Child Watch! Help our comrades who are parents to fully participate by keeping an eye on our tiniest comrades in 30 minute shifts during chapter meetings. Use [Child Watch] in the subject line
  • Sign up for our Brake Light Clinic. We need volunteers to scout out locations, help make flyers for the event and posting them, and with the event itself by replacing brake lights and guiding traffic. Use [Brake Light Clinic] in the subject line

Prison Abolition

Contact to get involved in the following ways:

  • Manage a spreadsheet tracking points of contact and regular meetings/events of ally organizations.
  • Draft social media assets for the local's communications committee, including sample tweets, graphics/memes, and other messaging items.
  • Update and refine a “What is Prison Abolition” zine
  • Help prepare short and long-term committee goals for Los Angeles

NOlympics Campaign

Contact to fight the LA 2028 games’ gentrification, militarization, and attack on democracy in the following ways:

  • Contribute research for power-mapping or write historical articles
  • Coordinate outreach with various organizations in our coalition, journalists, and research institutions/universities
  • Archiving and record-keeping
  • Wikipedia editing

Agitation & Propaganda

Contact to contribute to a variety of political multi-media projects:

  • Translate Class on Class presentations to a popular format (zines/ lit)
  • Develop proposals for other educational zines
  • Create educational social media content