DSA-LA for Jackie Goldberg Campaign

DSA-LA is proud to endorse Jackie Goldberg in the May 14th Los Angeles Unified School Board District 5 special election.

Back in January, the entire Los Angeles chapter overwhelmingly voted to approve the Electoral Politics Committees endorsement proposal to endorse DSA-LA member Jackie Goldberg. This is a crucial election — if Jackie wins in the General Election on May 14, that means that the teachers can consolidate the gains they made in the UTLA strike, and stave off the threat of privatization from the charter school lobby.

Canvassing is critical to our work — join us!

Canvassing Schedule

For over thirty years, Jackie Goldberg has stood firmly on the side of working Angelenos as a community organizer, Los Angeles city councilwoman, and state assembly member. Not only does she have a proven track record of standing up for kids, parents, and teachers, but her unapologetic support of community schools stands in stark opposition to the privatization agenda. As socialists, we should be proud to endorse a candidate whose long history in the community and values align so closely with a vision of Los Angeles that works for the many, not the few.   

Los Angeles is at the forefront of a nationwide battle over the future of education. On one side, charter school advocates — with their billionaire backers — want to privatize our education system. On the other, parents, unions, and community members want to defend and expand every student’s right to a quality public school. The last Los Angeles Unified School Board election was the most expensive in U.S. history because the billionaires understand the importance of this race: the winner will either tip the majority in favor of privatizing education or improving our public schools.

So what can you do to help?

Canvass with DSA-LA to ensure a socialist is elected to school board!

Our campaign to ensure a socialist is elected to the Los Angeles Unified School Board started strong and fast during the primary election — DSA-LA members ran 5 canvasses, 7 phonebanks, mobilized just shy of 100 canvassers to knock on doors, and identified hundreds of votes for Jackie Goldberg. To be sure that she's elected, let's keep talking to voters!

DSA-LA's campaign to support Jackie Goldberg is about more than just getting her elected though — we talk to infrequent voters, engage with them about protecting public education, work with new coalition partners, and broaden DSA-LA's base and reach. 

Canvassing Schedule

Help build the campaign!

With more than 400 DSA members in the district, DSA-LA can be an influential factor in this race, and you can be part of building the campaign.  Sign up to join the DSA-LA for Jackie Goldberg mailing list, or reach out directly at dsala4goldberg@dsa-la.org.

Make sure you’re registered to vote!


Being able to vote in low-turnout down-ballot local races is one of the most effective and easy ways we can exert some political agency in our society — it’s really worth registering to help tip the scales in a situation like this!