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Jackie Goldberg Endorsement

No endorsement

UTLA lost the seat last time backing a white liberal. Continue reading

We need to endorse Jackie Goldberg.

Jackie is the best positioned to fight for our students and against privatization. Continue reading

She’ll Win if We Endorse Her; and If We Don’t, the Pro-Charter Candidate Will Win

We should endorse because whatever her race/ethnicity/gender/religion/class background is, she's been fighting for socialist programs for decades and we need to stop privatization and protect kids. Continue reading

Goldberg's History of supporting destructive educational fads

Goldberg supported Whole Language Learning and what came to be called, "Fuzzy Math" in LAUSD where children did not learn to read, or learn math. Continue reading

No Endorsement in the Special Election is the best decision

With several progressive candidates of color, DSA-LA should not endorse a member of the white liberal establishment-that sends a negative message to LA's communities of color. Continue reading

Jackie Goldberg Candidate Questionnaire

Click here to read Jackie Goldberg's candidate questionnaire for the March 5 special election for the fifth district of the LA Unified School District board. Continue reading

Jackie Goldberg Endorsement Timeline

Voting starts on January 12 immediately after the Chapter Meetings and ends on January 17 at 11:59 p.m.   Continue reading

Member Statements For or Against Endorsing Jackie Goldberg

Below are all DSA-LA member statements for or against endorsing Jackie Goldberg for LAUSD Board District 5. Here's where you can submit your statement for or against the Electoral Politics committee's proposal to endorse Jackie Goldberg for the fifth district of the LA Unified School District board. Continue reading