How to Vote For Steve Dunwoody This Tuesday

The Assembly District 54 Special Election is on Tuesday, April 3! Are you ready to vote?

DSA-LA formally endorsed Steve Dunwoody in the race for the 54th Assembly District in February. Now the time has arrived to endorse Steve at the polls: Vote on Tuesday, April 3!

As an official write-in candidate on the Special Election ballot, running against candidates who are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of corporate contributions to flood the district with mailers, Steve is waging an uphill battle to win the seat in Sacramento. But with endorsements from groups like us, the California Nurses Association, and Our Revolution, the support is there to put him in office—if we get out and vote.

Why vote for Steve? Here’s the short version, but you can read more here.

“Dunwoody’s platform deeply aligns with the policy goals and values of DSA-LA: he wants to create a state bank, repeal Costa-Hawkins and the Ellis Act, ensure workers’ rights to collectively bargain and work fair schedules, end cash bail, divest from private prisons, ban fracking, ban any California law enforcement collaboration with ICE, and create a single-payer healthcare system for California. 

No matter the results of the Special Election, there will be at least one more opportunity to vote for Steve Dunwoody—in the June 5 Primary Election. And if all goes well, there will be a third opportunity in the November 6 General Election. So vote early, and vote often!

You can find your polling place here (polls are open from 7 AM to 8 PM). And here’s how to vote for Steve Dunwoody!

How To Vote for a Write-In Candidate:

Step 1: Request the List of Official Write-In Candidates

When receiving the ballot at your polling place, request from the poll worker the list of official write-in candidates. In California, only those on this official list will have their write-in vote tallied.

Even if you already know who your write-in candidate is, it’s always helpful to have a reminder on hand of the office being voted on and the spelling of the candidate’s name.

Step 2: Cast Vote Using Write-In Ballot

When voting for the write-in candidate, be sure you are casting your ballot on the separate write-in insert, which will be inside the ballot you received from the poll worker. 

On the ballot, you’ll need to provide both the office name and the candidate’s name, which should be listed one after the other. For instance: 


An example of the above should also be provided in the write-in ballot.

Step 3: Submit Your Ballot!

That’s it! Congratulations, you did a socialism!

  • If you have a Vote by Mail ballot, follow the same steps on the write-in ballot as above, then either mail or drop off your ballot at any of the drop-off locations by April 3, 2018. Be sure to sign the back of the Vote by Mail envelope before dropping off or sending! 


A few additional important tips:

  • Please visit and enter your address to determine whether you are registered in Assembly District 54 and where your polling place is located.
  • On Election Day, polling places are open in from 7:00am to 8:00pm