Re: Ashlee Marie Preston's Candidacy

I endorse Steve Dunwoody. Ashlee Marie Preston is no longer running.

This is a short endorsement, purely informative. My name is Hannah Howard, and those of you who came to the last chapter meeting may remember me as the person who raised the issue of whether DSA-LA ought to instead be endorsing Ashlee Marie Preston, a trans woman of color who was running the Assembly 54th race that Steve Dunwoody is running for. As of this past Friday, Ashlee has withdrawn from the race. I am writing this mainly to inform those of you who may have been concerned about this issue that it is essentially resolved because Ashley is no longer running.

On a personal level, I was impressed with how graciously Steve responded to my somewhat pointed questions, and even spoke to me later about how much he liked and appreciated Ashley's candidacy. While I don't know Steve's politics on an in depth level, certainly from what he's said and what I've read he seems very inline with DSA's values.