The Gayle McLaughlin campaign will help build the Richmond Progressive Alliance model of political organization state-wide

Position: Support

There are many reasons to support Gayle McLaughlin's campaign for Lt. Governor. Of course she has an outstanding program of social reform which democratic socialists across the spectrum should be proud to support, but beyond that what is most significant about Gayle’s campaign strategy is its effort to take the Richmond Progressive Alliance organizational model state-wide.

In bringing together progressive Democrats, Greens, independent socialists and other independent progressives, that model directly addresses and transcends the central controversy that has divided the American Left for more than 100 years: whether to work to reform the Democratic Party or build a new party of mass opposition. The McLaughlin campaign will be the first opportunity that DSA has had in LA since the Sanders campaign to mobilize its entire membership and recruit significantly on the basis of a progressive, anti-corporate, independent campaign. It will also provide us with the opportunity to reach out to and engage with other DSA chapters in California with the ultimate aim of establishing a viable state-wide DSA organization.

Finally, if the McLaughlin campaign is successful it can become a nationwide model and the basis for organizing and building a genuine broad mass party of left opposition.