I Oppose the Endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for Assembly by DSA LA

I oppose the endorsement of Steve Dunwoody for Assembly by DSA LA because: 1) he is not a member of DSA, 2) he is not a democratic socialist, 3) he is not running as a democratic socialist 4) while Dunwoody appears to be a good progressive, his campaign would do nothing to advance the development of an independent mass party of left opposition and 5) an endorsement of the Dunwoody campaign by DSA LA would take valuable resources away from other projects.

By no means is this intended to discourage DSA LA members from voting for Dunwoody or even working on his campaign, but an organizational endorsement is another matter entirely. It is true that we have endorsed Gayle McGlaughlin for Lt. Governor and Gayle is not a DSA member. However, Gayle is a declared democratic socialist, she is running as a democratic socialist, she is running as an independent and she is running in an effort to take the Richmond Progressive Alliance model state wide. If she is successful in that, even if she doesn't win the election, she will have made a major contribution to building a genuine independent mass party of left opposition. In contrast, at best, what a Dunwoody victory would mean would be just another progressive in the state legislature, important, though hardly a game changer. It is also significant that unlike McGlaughlin, Dunwoody is running as a Democrat with neither an exit strategy or a systematic plan for transforming the Democratic Party into a social democratic party, much less a labor party or democratic socialist party.