Forrest D.

In terms of my experience with the task at hand -- I just moved to Los Angeles from New York City, where I was very active in the Queens branch of NYC DSA and helped administer multiple elections and collaborated with others on bylaws and constitutional projects, including some dealing with officer elections. I'm eager to use that experience to help my new chapter move forward and grow in a way that's not just effective at fighting for working-class power, but effective at safeguarding the well-being of our members and those that occupy spaces with us. On a personal level, given all that I’ve seen and heard in the last few weeks, I’d be lying if I said that I haven't sometimes felt strongly one way or the other about what’s happened in this chapter. However, I believe I’m new enough to the organization here in LA that I don't have the kinds of social ties that might make it difficult for me to remain neutral during an election potentially fraught with conflict.