Updated Food For Solidarity Platform & Proposal - Voting Is Now Open!

The feedback period for the Food 4 Solidarity Campaign Working Group (CWG) proposal is now closed—thanks to all involved for providing thoughtful feedback, support, and critiques of this proposal. Click through to read the updated proposal, learn about the voting process, and re-read the proposed CWG's platform!

Based on the feedback provided by fellow DSA-LA members, the members proposing the Food for Solidarity CWG have amended their proposal. We will be voting on the proposed platform for the CWG, which you can read below, and the amended proposal for the CWG's main project, which you can read here:

Click here to read the updated full project proposal, with amended areas highlighted in yellow.

And now, voting is open!

Only Members in Good Standing (MIGS), defined as people who are current on their national dues, are eligible to vote—if you believe that you should have received a ballot but have not, please email steering committee at steeringcommittee@dsa-la.org. You should be receiving your ballot via email this evening, and voting is open until 11:59 PM on July 30.

Please keep in mind that this isn't only a vote on whether we should collectively endorse the Food for Solidarity project outlined in the proposal, but also a vote to create a new Campaign Working Group within DSA-LA to work on that project, which would have its own elected leadership and function as an official subgroup under the bylaws. Like every DSA-LA committee or CWG, the Food for Solidarity CWG, if we vote to create it, would have a platform that outlines its goals and areas of activity.

You can read the proposed platform in full here:

DSA-LA’s Food 4 Solidarity campaign (F4S) seeks to create connections between DSA-LA and communities in Los Angeles County that our capitalist society has abandoned. As an organization that promotes socialist principles and values through a wide array of initiatives, we have a lot to offer our local communities, and we believe that we can employ direct service as a precision tool for awakening class consciousness, uniting working class people, and disseminating socialist education throughout LA.

To achieve this end, we seek to create a food distribution program that will both nourish the community and create the material security necessary for people to be able to engage in politics. This can be accomplished by working with a community with the following attributes: an open space for gatherings; the presence of a local partner (e.g. church, community centers, etc.) to help us reach out to the community in a non-invasive manner; close proximity to public transportation; and a majority working-class population. Within the community, we aim to distribute groceries, recipes, and materials for socialist education, as well as organizing various community activities. We aim to also provide on-site education regarding socialism and DSA-LA’s various projects. The purpose of such education is to connect people to various resources that DSA-LA and its partners offer to materially improve people’s lives. They may need us to help them address immigrant, housing, or labor justice issues. They may even want to join our ranks and become our comrades.

By engaging in this type of project, the end goal of DSA-LA’s F4S is to shed a light on the profound failures of capitalism as well as the various levels of government that continue to fail food insecure, working class communities. Doing so lays the groundwork so that further organizing can turn into a fully mobilized and politically activated community. DSA-LA & F4S will be working in conjunction with the participating communities to address problems they identify as most immediate. In doing so, we will collectively organize a secondary structure for meeting their needs. This will lead to the creation of a sustainable node of dual power that will fill in the gaps where the state fails, provide support, and present an alternative to a system of capitalist exploitation. Ultimately, this campaign seeks to empower people by encouraging solidarity amongst fellow community members. We don’t want to become a permanent, unchanging presence in the selected community, rather we will will establish a self-sustaining effort; one that can become a model for any possible future replications of such a project.

This campaign will organize around the following objectives:

1. Food Security:​ ​Everyone has the fundamental right to adequate food to maintain their wellbeing as well as their physical, emotional and intellectual development. It is our obligation to create a community that consistently offers healthy, sustainable food to its members.

2. Housing Security:​ We will support and organize local communities against rent increases, unlawful evictions, and other threats to housing security. Our neighbors shouldn’t have to choose between roofs and bread. This goal is to be met by establishing a foothold in the community so that our Housing and Homelessness comrades may aid those who are at-risk of housing insecurity.

3. Fighting Deportation: ​Recognizing that undocumented members of our local communities are often most at risk for food insecurity, we will provide anti-ICE training and will work to safeguard communities against the barbaric and cruel deportation tactics of both local and federal law enforcement. We will do this by providing a locus in the community through which our Immigration Justice comrades may interface with at-risk populations.

4. Fighting Wage Inequality:​ We will work with local organizations to unite and organize working class people of the area against financial, emotional, and physical abuse in the workplace by connecting members of the community with unions and worker centers. We will reach this goal by creating a channel between those that face wage inequality and our DSA-LA Labor comrades.

5. Activating Organizers:​ ​Through our discussions with the participants, we will determine which problems DSA-LA can help them organize around to improve their material conditions. We hope to activate participants, turning them into organizers. We believe participants should not be regarded as helpless, rather, as comrades who can join our chorus of demands for a non-exploitative vision of society where people are not limited by the capitalist structures that divide us.

Food For Solidarity will aim to provide the material conditions necessary for working class Angelenos to organize together, to live together in solidarity.