Food For Solidarity Endorsement Timeline

Aligned with our commitment to “exist along organizational lines developed and led by members,” the DSA-LA Bylaws empower groups of 25 members to propose internal and external initiatives for consideration by the membership— including formation of Local Subgroups. This month, 25 DSA-LA organizers in good standing are proposing the formation of a Campaign-Based Working Group called Food For Solidarity.

Requirements for Campaign-Based Working Groups in DSA-LA are outlined in Art. V(4) of the Bylaws, and the proposed Food For Solidarity Platform, and detailed project description can be found here in full.

Endorsement Timeline

July 14 Chapter Meeting: Food for Solidarity organizers present platform and vision for Working Group. Following presentation, there will be time for questions, answers, and political debate.

July 15 - July 22: Open call for member statements for or against the proposed Food for Solidarity Working Group. Statements will be posted publicly on this blog on a rolling basis (after a brief review for relevance and civility—these are going up on the internet) for all members to read in advance of the chapter-wide vote.

July 23 - July 30: The entire chapter votes electronically on the proposal to approve the Food for Solidarity Working Group.

Click here to read the full project platform and proposal.