Like Silver Surfer, Loraine sacrificed an astrophysics career to save her planet.

Statement in Support by Evan Geary

How cool would it be to spend all your time learning about space? Astrophysicists devote themselves to sublime star-gazing, monkish patience, rigorous detective work. But Loraine Lundquist gave up a career of cosmic discovery. Why? Because the evidence of climate collapse compelled her to shift her attention to this planet. So she made a dramatic change in her life: she devoted herself to leaving an inhabitable, ecologically diverse planet to her kids.

We already have plenty of politicians who say they believe the evidence of climate change. But they don’t seem compelled to make dramatic changes. Why are they so feckless? Maybe they have a misplaced faith in market solutions — a faith they maintain against all evidence. But there is no invisible hand reaching down to save us. We need to save ourselves. Mere tinkering is insufficient. We need leaders who are brave enough to face the facts even when they demand dramatic changes. Loraine took that leap in her own life, as we all must do if we’re going to save the rare splendor of the only habitable planet we know.

Others have written excellent endorsements that highlight Loraine Lundquist’s commitment to DSA-LA’s work. She shows up to support the unhoused, rent control, public transit, public banking, public schools, healthcare and the phaseout of fossil fuel extraction.

It’s exciting to field a competitive candidate who shares our goals. It’s even more exciting that Loraine would apply evidence-based decision-making to the advancement of our goals. Admittedly, it would be even more exciting if she called herself a socialist, but the most exciting thing would definitely be if she flew around on a silver board. I would also be excited if more people read those comics and could appreciate how perfectly the Galactus metaphor depicts the endless hunger of extractive capitalism.