The World Runs on Essential Work ft. Liza Featherstone

Join the Political Education Committee for a panel discussion with workers on the front line in Los Angeles, moderated by Liza Featherstone.

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As workers, we survive by selling our time and labor to the capitalist class. As socialists we know the relationship between labor and capital is an antagonistic, exploitative one—a feature laid ever barer during the COVID-19 pandemic while ‘essential workers’ are offered expensive military pageantry in place of hazard pay or adequate personal protective equipment.

In this educational event, we connect the experiences of waged workers organizing for dignity and safe conditions in hospitals, public schools, and grocery stores with all of the essential work required to continually reproduce the working class under capitalist social relations.

This educational event is open to all, and features a moderated discussion by Liza Featherstone and time for attendees to connect and discuss together how battles at the waged workplace can (and must) be connected to fights for decommodified public goods in a wider anti-systemic struggle that disrupts both production of commodities and the social processes that produce labor itself as a commodity.

Brief educational resources listed here can be reviewed in 15 minutes, and are recommended but not required:

  • May 29, 2020 at 6pm to 8pm
  • Zoom
  • Political Education